3D Printing

Faculty Technology Services offers 3D printing at both Lincoln Center and Rose Hill.

There is also 3D Printing available in the Learning & Innovative Technology Environment (LITE) located in Walsh Library at Rose Hill

Have an idea about for us to print or see something from the Thingiverse or other websites that would be useful in the classroom? Contact us at ftc@fordham.edu

This is the list of items currently in our queue.

3D Printing Articles and Blog Posts

4D Printing Articles and Blog Posts

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Flip through Kristen’s Flipboard on 4D Printing

for the latest articles and blog posts about 4D printing

Printer Guides

2019 Websites and recommendations

3D Printing Troubleshooting 41 Common Problems in 2019 via All3DP

Make/Sell/Buy products with 3D Printers

3D Modeling Software and Apps

Translating 2D into 3D

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3D Printed Bionics Programs