Welcome! The Bronx Personality (B-PER) Lab at Fordham University studies the development of borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Lab from L-R: Dan, Gabs, Chris, Gracie, Valerie, Grace A, Sara, Rissa, Trevor, Grace D, Lucas

We work on a few different lines of research:


Momentary links between personality processes, symptoms, and suicidal and nonsuicidal thoughts and behaviors using experience sampling methods

Graph showing changes over time

Short- and long-term changes in personality and psychopathology, particularly over key developmental transitions (e.g. breakups, financial strain)

Distress tolerancethe ability to remain goal-oriented in the face of discomfortas a protective factor for borderline PD and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors

Organizational hierarchical chart

The dimensions that make up personality and clinical disorders. Check out the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology consortium.

Interested in learning more? Check out our research projects & recent publications.