2017-2018 Officer Scholarship

Natalie Hencke and Nicole Lord

Our co-presidents have been a phenomenal asset to Student Council and our school over their time here at Fond du Lac High School. Their dedication to making this school a better place has led to well-run dances, blood drives, teacher appreciation, and other school events. They spent a lot of time outside of school including weekend build days to make these things happen and truly deserve the school's praise.

Natalie, thank you for always going over and above in your duties while always being ready to complete necessary tasks at a moment's notice! Nicole, thank you for always being ready to take over the spotlight with a microphone or a school announcement!

For their services, student council has awarded them $1,000 scholarship towards future college costs. They both have an amazing future ahead of them.

Thank you for everything and best of luck in your future endeavors!