These are our workshops for ServeYMM 2024! 

Worship Arts Vocals 101:

Do you love to sing or want to learn how? Ever wonder how your voice works? Join recording artist Katie Williams for a fun and interactive vocal workshop where you'll learn to exercise your vocal muscles using some of your favourite songs.

Guitar and Ukulele for Beginners:

Join local musician and principal Danny Tulk for an engaging Guitar and Ukulele Workshop. In this hour-long session we will start on the basics of guitar and music theory. Designed for the beginner, we will explore guitar fundamentals and have you making music by the end of the class!

7 Sacred Teachings from an Indigenous Christian Perspective:

Enjoy this outdoor workshop and experience God’s creation along the Snye River. Elder Lorraine will share the Seven Sacred Teachings—Humility, Honesty, Respect, Courage, Wisdom, Truth, and Love—through the lens of the Gospel. Explore these teachings while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Power of Prayer and its
Link to Wellness:

Join Pastor Bev for the 'Power of Prayer and its Link to Wellness' workshop, designed just for ServeYMM! Discover how prayer can help you feel better and stay healthy, and learn practical ways to make prayer a part of your daily life.


Interactive sports games focusing on having fun while improving physical fitness, enhancing teamwork and communication skills. Perfect for those who want to be active!

Acrylic Pour Painting:

Acrylic pour painting is a technique where acrylic paint is mixed with pouring medium to create fluid patterns on canvas. Each pour is unique, resulting in abstract art pieces. Join Mr.and Mrs. Jackman to experiment with different pouring techniques and color combinations. No prior experience is necessary. You'll leave with your own individual acrylic pour painting to proudly display!


A hands-on culinary experience where participants gather to learn the art of baking. The workshop provides a structured environment for individuals to acquire new baking skills, techniques, and knowledge!

Rainbow Loom
Bracelet Making:

Do you love crafting or want to learn how? Ever wonder how to create beautiful bracelets? Join us for a fun and interactive "Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making" workshop, where you'll learn to make colourful bracelets step-by-step, perfect for all skill levels.

Bible Study and
Devotions for Girls:

Join Youth Pastor Isa for the "Bible Study and Devotions for Girls" workshop, where she'll share tips on starting a devotional life and studying the Bible. Discover great resources and learn the art of “checking” our hearts as we journey with Jesus in this supportive and interactive environment.