Our 2024 Speaker

Meet Our Speaker -
Pastor Darren Aucoin!

We are honored to introduce our main speaker, Pastor Darren, whose journey in ministry spans over two decades here in Alberta. With experiences across various roles including Music, Children, Youth, and Young Adults ministries, Pastor Darren has left a lasting impression on countless lives.

His passion is ignited by a deep desire to witness lives transformed by the living Word of God. Pastor Darren believes in the power of God's Word to breathe life into the hearts of believers, leading to spiritual awakening and profound change. His ministry is marked by an unwavering faith in the Holy Spirit's ability to show truth and set hearts ablaze with purpose.

For 21 years, Pastor Darren has walked hand in hand with his wife Andrea, forming a partnership grounded in faith and love. Together, they are the proud parents of three children: Jaydon (13), Nyah (11), and Annalie (9).

Join us as we welcome Pastor Darren to ServeYMM 2024! Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and equipped for a life of service, as we embrace the call to serve with heart and purpose.