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EEP Class Times

AM Class – 8:05am – 10:55am

PM Class – 11:55am – 2:40pm

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Call the school office at 780-799-5704 or email Terri:

and Mrs. Wells:

We have students with allergies to SCENTS and PEANUTS. To have a safe and caring learning environment for our students we ask that you take precautions with strong perfumes and peanut products. Please do not send peanut products to school in your child's snacks.

June 9

We are entering into the final days of EEP for the 2018-2019 School Year. It is hard to believe that are time together is nearing the end.

Show and Tell Choices for June: This month I am giving you a choice of two activities.

            1. Something I Enjoy or I Am Good At - Send in photos or a video of your child doing what they love. This can include an organized activity or something just done at home. The photos can be emailed if you wish and I will show them on the big screen.
            2. When I Grow Up I Want to Be - This can be done in any form. Photo's, video, toy, dress up clothes.

        • We are hosting our own EEP Family Picnic Day on June 21st in the gym - see the invitation. For a special treat we will invite our younger siblings (with Mom and Dad) to come into the classroom 15 minutes early to come and play with big brother or sister before the picnic
        • June 17 is the Liturgy hosted by the Kindergarten
        • Thursday afternoon, June 20, the PM students will be able to watch the Division 2 Variety show for a short while.
        • Sports Day will be held on Tuesday, June 25. Rainout date is Wednesday, June 26. This is a fun activity day for the students. Mr. Simmons, our Phys Ed teacher, organizes this great event. With the help of the Grade Sixes who are fantastic leaders, we will have lots of fun. You are welcome to come out and tag along with us or volunteer at some of the stations Parent Council will be organizing.
        • Last day for students is June 26. If your child will not be at school on the last day to receive their report card please let me know.
        • Just a reminder about the school dress code now that the warmer weather is upon us. If the children are wearing sandals, they required to wear sandals that are strapped on behind the heel. Slide on or slip on flip flops are not permitted. We will be going outside regularly now that the weather is warmer so proper footwear is important. For girls spaghetti strapped tops and dresses are not allowed unless they are wearing a sweater overtop. If you have any questions regarding these items don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Also Mr. Park has sent out a reminder letter to parents

Old News

  • Happy Mothers's Day to all of our Mom's. The flower that the children planted is a Oeillet D'Inde (Petite Yellow) Marigold. I hope they keep growing for you. The children enjoyed planting them. The beans we planted just for fun have now started to bloom so we may be able to see some beans grow in the classroom.
  • We are still missing a pair of black Hunter rubber boots. Please check the label in your child's boots.
  • Just a precautionary reminder that there is always a chance of your child coming into contact with head lice. Being proactive and checking regularly will lesson the impact of this spreading.
  • I am looking for little boy's suit jackets that we could use for dress up. I know these aren't items that you have to give away yet but if you know of someone else who is cleaning closets and have extra that would be appreciated.
  • A very interesting link about screen time and young children.

Hi St. Martha Family,

The school now has a Facebook page where we can update our families with anything happening at the school. It would great if you could like the page so you can stay up to date with our Eagle News.

Morning and After School Procedure Reminder

Before school we would like students to enter through their assigned grade level doors when the bell rings. They keep their belongings (including their backpack) with them outside until the bell rings. If it is -20 or colder the children can come inside and go to their classrooms, classroom doors will be opened at 7:55. Mr. Park or Ms. Slaney will announce an indoor recess.

At the end of the day students are to exit only through their grade level door and walk around to the front or back to meet siblings, babysitters or parents at an agreed upon spot. We understand this may be difficult for some students so when pre-arranged younger students are to be picked up at the front office by their siblings, after their siblings go out their assigned doors.