Dunas de Maspalomas

The Dunes of Maspalomas

The Dunes of Maspalomas are without doubt the biggest attraction by the thousands of tourists who come each year to Gran Canaria. It is a protected area of 5 square kilometers, and it is needed because of the climate change, but also the tourism affect this beautiful natural phenomenon drastically. According to scriptures of the dunes should the dunes not originated but have acquired their present form by a tsunami that took place in 1755 after an earthquake.

Because of the ever-present north-east wind have grains of sand over the years compacted. With the coming of Playa del Ingles is the tourism increased in Gran Canaria, but is also the dune landscape partly protected.

However this also has the drawback that there is hardly yet new sand get argued naturally to maintain the sand hills. Today, the dunes are more southerly than 40 years ago, when stretched the sand dunes are much further north off. The golden sand is composed of pulverized chalk and shells complemented with volcanic sand. Despite the considering sand there is still to be seen vegetation.

If you are a first time see the dunes, then you think immediately of the Saharathrough the beautiful sand dunes. The view of the dunes is different every day, in the vernacular are therefore called “mobile dunes.” If you look at the dunes from the Paseo Costa Canario, the beach promenade then you think now I take a shorter route to the beach. I tried once at noon, and that was the last time I tried it. Appearances are deceptive, it seems like an eternity once you’ve started the tour before you finally see the refreshing ocean turn up on the blue horizon.

If you decide to book your holiday in Gran Canaria, please have consideration the value of the natural beauty. A walk in this beautiful dunes is definitely recommended. Note that it is very tiring but the views are worth it. We recommend you bring enough water to prevent dehydration, and do it not barefoot.

Do not forget your camera or video camera, and so you can have beautiful memories of this unique dunes. The dunes are located between Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. The dunes of Maspalomas end up of a unique national reserve named La Charca