"I would vote him for President!"

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Hi I'm Jon 👋

I'm a global speaker, thinker, tinkerer, author and advisor in a host of different areas covering innovation, the future of work, education, global governance and more...

From experiments with schools run by children, to being the Co-Founder of flux, a consultancy which helps organisations be run by their people, to being the Global Head of Product & Integrity for MiVote helping countries use the blockchain to transition to distributed democracy...etc.

I've advised CEOs of billion dollar companies, consulted the worlds leading brands, spoken at TEDx, published one of the world's first books on digital democracy and contributed chapters to books on education and work.

Enjoy visiting my site and please feel free to get in touch by email jon@flux.am

Take care and be well,


Distributed Democracy

Learn more about how my first book Democracy Squared: A digital Revolution that's about to democratise democracy, has led to me advising councils, leading product development for the world's leading blockchain distributed democracy movement and led me to speak at TEDx

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Responsive Organisations

See how flux, the consultancy I co-founded with my best pal, is helping organisations be totally self-managed so they can be faster, better, happier and more innovative...

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