Any student at Troy High School is welcome to tryout for the team.

  1. There is a general information meeting during the first month of school. The exact date will be communicated via morning announcements.
  2. Students indicate interest in trying out for particular events.
  3. Tryouts are held over a period of several weeks from late October to early November.
  4. The tentative teams are announced before winter break.

Advice for trying out

  1. Your first priority should be your regular academic classes. This includes both your science and non-science classes. Students struggling academically rarely find success in Troy Science Olympiad.
  2. While the core science classes (biology/chemistry/physics) may offer background for some events--e.g. Ecology, Chemistry Lab, Optics--the bulk of preparation will need to be done independently. This is especially true for events whose content is not covered in class--e.g. Astronomy, Dynamic Planet, Rocks and Minerals. The most successful team members are self-motivated and genuinely enjoy science: they ask "what else can I learn," not "what do I have to learn."
  3. Past participation, either Division B or C, is helpful but not a requirement. Over the years, team members have had a wide range of Science Olympiad experience from having medaled at nationals in Division B to joining the team for the first time senior year. Along those same lines, making the team one year does not guarantee making the team in any following year.