Troy Science Olympiad is coached by Troy High School teachers and informally advised by alumni and community members.

Kurt Wahl (Head Coach)

Mr. Kurt Wahl is the legendary head coach of Troy Science Olympiad. He began the team in the late 1980's when Science Olympiad was little known beyond its Midwestern roots. Within a decade, he had led the team to its first state and national titles and has maintained its position there ever since. In addition to his coaching duties, Mr. Wahl has over three decades of teaching experience and has taught the full breadth and depth of science to generations of Southern California youth. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, rock climbing, and exploring the outdoors.

Dan Jundanian

Mr. Dan Jundanian helped start the team with Mr. Wahl, and even while being retired from teaching, continues to help coach the team. Hailing from the Buckeye State, Mr. Jundanian had a long career teaching all levels of biology at Troy where his genuine love for science always shined through. In retirement, he enjoys spending time with his ever-growing family.

Tom Mosig

Mr. Tom Mosig has taught physics at Troy for over twenty years. In the classroom, he displays nothing short of a mastery of the subject and is constantly finding new ways of challenging even the brightest students. He has helped coach the team going on a decade. Outside of school, Mr. Mosig enjoys the tuba, all things German, and his family.

James Kirkpatrick

Mr. James Kirkpatrick brings his many years of experience from the operating room into his classroom at Troy. Over the years, he has taught all levels of biology and as well as a smattering of other classes. He is currently co-chair of the science department and is married to another Troy biology teacher, Mrs. Charlotte Kirkpatrick.