Membership & Requirements

National Honor Society is one of the nation’s premier organizations and societies that promotes recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The applicant must demonstrate a commitment to service to both school and the community, hence, using his or her talents to improve society. Students that qualify and are accepted to NHS must maintain these high standards to continue their eligibility in the organization. Thus, it is both an honor and commitment to be a member.

Applications must be submitted in a neat and well-organized manner. The panel that looks over each application is made up of faculty members. The faculty council votes on each individual and the decision made by the council is final.

Summary of Requirements:

To remain a member of NHS, each semester the member shall do all of the following:


      - Application available September 11, 2023

      Application is available on this website under NHS DOCUMENTS-- 

       ---> click on red link below .

    - Application due : SEPTEMBER 22 by LUNCHTIME to Mrs Grant (rm 309). Turn in to Ms Grant personally, not a friend or my teacher mailbox.