Tobey Archibald




|3 words unanimously chosen by his teachers to describe Tobey|

Tobey Archibald followed his passions in art and fashion from Boston to New York City, accepting a spot to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the AAS Fashion Design program. In valuing the importance of connection, Tobey spends his time meeting new people and gleaning in diversity. Creatively, Tobey is primarily and consistently inspired by the act of self expression; finding purpose in life through art and expression of all kinds.

In his work in fashion at FIT, Tobey learned the ins and outs of the industry, garment construction from a quick-sketch to a finished execution, the art of visual fashion design and styling, studio fashion art drawing/painting, technical design skills like pattern making and draping, and exactly how fast someone can get from Penn Station to M&J trimming and back on a Tuesday at 3pm.

Through his studies, he developed a strong personal sense of style, drawing inspiration from countless places; some in specific: drag shows and party nights, rain on the street, sequins and sheers, the writings of Emily Dickinson, hospital visits, pleaser heels…To sum it up: glamorous special occasion wear, costume design, expressive garments to catch every eye in the room, the brightest gem at the party, a specific yet eclectic aesthetic that combines the seemingly mundane with the most alien, culminating in collections that dazzle and work in the corners of design ideals.

With his fashion, Tobey is a painter, a musician, and loves cosmetology and beauty, often modeling his own garments and styling accessories, hair, and makeup. 

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