Adobe Project Primrose

| NYFW FW 2024 |

Tobey had the pleasure to work in tandem with the teams at Christian Cowan and Adobe in a historic collaboration to create a fusion of fashion innovation and style. Using Adobe Primrose technology, we constructed a dress that is the first of its kind.

In a dynamic expression of technology and art, the dress was created with 1,264 laser-cut polymer dispersed liquid crystal "petals", and 144 stars, approximately 3,000 hand stitches, and 4,500 hand placed Swarovski crystals.

Tobey had the opportunity to work with the teams from the birth of the dress, constructing the muslin sample, editing patterns, constructing the final dress base, hand-stitching 90 circuit boards, and working with the team to hand crystal the dress, as well as connect and construct the petals and the electrical technology the dress requires.

Tobey also had the opportunity to work with models and the show team at the Christian Cowan FW24 NYFW Runway show to ensure the collaborative dress' success on the runway.

In addition, Tobey is featured in numerous media sources, such as Vogue Business, Harper's Bazaar France, the New York Post, The Standard, USA Today, and Adobe Blog.

Design Development - Christian Cowan

| Industry Garment Creation |

As a development intern at Christian Cowan, Tobey has spent over two seasons facilitating and hand-crafting fashion week collections and bespoke looks. Under the head design team, Tobey utilizes high level organization and time efficiency to aid in the progression and success of ready-to-wear garments. Tobey utilizes aparel design and construction skills to create the looks pictured.

Tutto Chiede Salvezza

| The collection illustrated |

Italian glamor, timeless exoticism, romantic arts and pop-culture...delusion and illness, mundane life, facility and separation. The couture line of Tutto Chiede Salvezza explores the delicate mind of Italian patients grappling with their reality in countryside care wards. A can of coke everyday with lunch, a cigarette for dinner. The repetition of life with mental illness seen through a Grace Kelly-Lady Gaga lens. An allegory for modern society - fashion as an expression of what is inside.

BVLGARI x FIT Allegra Baciami Fragrance Millinery Design

| The design plan 

In a design plan, Tobey created a millinery piece inspired by the romance and passion of Bulgari's new fragrance line, Allegra Baciami Eau de Parfum. Tobey created mood boards, graphics, and an official rendering of the sculptural, avant garde headpiece to fully encapture the core of Italian love.

Streaks of Lavender

| The collection illustrated |

A visual and emotional investigation into spotlit relationship, the American conscience, truth in history, love, and crime, whether purposefully hidden, untrue, or unfound...there may be no greater or more mysterious love story than that of Abraham Lincoln. 

In analyzing numerous historical writings, documents, books, and videos, the collection Streaks of Lavender was designed to honor and dream the intoxicating personal relationships that developed one of our Nation's most influential leaders. 

Mental health is a driving force in self expression. Special inspiration was taken from the instrumental designs of Elizabeth Keckley and 1860's fashions, as well as Keckley and Mary Todd Lincoln's tumultuous relationship. The designs gaze at Mary Todd's societal view and ultimate institutionalization, as well as Abraham Lincoln's varying romantic involvements and the unfortunate darkness that plagued him and his intimates throughout the presidency.

MadaLuxe Group 

| Upcycled Designer Garment Contest |

1st Place winner in MadaLuxe Group young designer sustainability competition in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Designers were challenged to submit designs based on photographs of unsellable designer products. Out of hundreds of applicants, 8 designers were selected to receive a shipment of these goods and construct a full-scale upcycled garment. Tobey primarily utilized deconstructed shoes, pattern making skills, and sustainable ideals to create this mermaid-style gown and presented it in front of an esteemed set of judges. 

Selected by the judges led by Ken Downing, Creative Director of Halston, Tobey won 1st place.

Balenciaga & the Catholic Imagination

| The collection illustrated  

In a mock couture line, Tobey stepped in as the head designer for Balenciaga, taking grand inspiration from the original haute couture Cristobal Balenciaga designs from the 1950's, harmonized with Catholic vestment and religious garb. From chic nightlife wear to show-stopping party pieces, a jewel toned color pallette and rich fabric selection displays the elegance, innovation, and class that is at Balenciaga's core.

Viva La Juicy

| The collection illustrated

In a mock brand representation line, Tobey stepped into the position of head designer at legendary mass-market brand Juicy Couture. To increase sales and marketing and bolster the brand's iconic 2000's image, Tobey created a capsule collection made for stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. With changing times and objectives, focus was centered on a new, younger customer in the mass market circuit and a push for sustainability in every aspect of the brand.


| The collection illustrated

Inspired by the roaring, glittery, raw fashions of the 1980’s ballroom drag scene, Burning explores the glamor and trepidation of the pioneering fashions in the New York club circuit, never before seen on the runway. With a lens on the Club Kids, a wildly diverse group of eccentric, flamboyant individuals who lead life through art, connection, and self expression, the collection features a range of garments from ready-to-wear to avant-garde.

Skilled in technical sewing technique

In studying under some of the industry's most esteemed designers at the Fashion Institute of Technology and hand-creating a wide range of garments from trousers to gowns, Tobey has become skilled in material construction. 

Credits include proficiency in:


| Brand Development + Graphic Design

Demonstrating proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Tobey created Zine, a spunky, raw, edgy mass-market clothing brand targeting customers aging 15-27 with a yearly income of $10,000-50,000. In creating brand promotional visual materials, a color story, and starting fabrics, Zine's marketing is geared to pinpoint the ever-changing trends of today's youth.

Harley Davidson x JPG Brand Collaboration

| Brand Development + Graphic Design | 

Demonstrating proficiency in graphic construction in Adobe Illustrator and the creative cloud, Tobey created a mock brand collaboration, designing a brand logo, graphics and fabric print, garment details and hardware, and product packaging, as well as designing capsule garments and technical flats that utilize these well-designed details to be sold in brand promotion for the collaboration.

Capsule Collection Tech Pack

For a mass market capsule collection designed for middle-floor retail, Tobey displays skill and understanding through the creation of a tech pack for technical construction and production coordination in real-world application of garments.

Knit Top Tech Pack

Tobey has created a tech pack for the technical construction, production, and design details of a knit top.