7" Big Reels (400 ft)

converted and digitized for $70

8mm & Super 8

& 16mm Reels

Regular 8 mm and Super 8 Reels

Film Reels:

Remember the old Film Reels?


About 400 foot = $80
About 50 foot = $10

REGULAR By the FOOT Method

Film Reels: 8mm or Super 8 to DVD

20 ¢ per foot

Reel Conversion:

Conversion fee: $0.20 per foot (depending on size). This includes a DVD with the following:

  • 5 minute chapters, placed in a DVD movie format (can fit up to 2 hours on a DVD)
  • personalized color label on DVD
  • and personalized DVD cover in a case

  • other options +$4.00
    • placed on or shared with an online account (Google, OneDrive, DropBox)
    • Digital format preserved on a personal USB or hard drive. (extra fee applied for purchase of one of these drives).
    • Copies of the DVD