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We preserve your past for your future...

Videos converted to DVD = $16.00

Old Movie Reels (400ft) on DVD = $78.00

Photographs (200 pictures) = $70.00

Slides (200 frames) = $77.00

Photo Albums (per whole page) = $1.75

Audio Cassettes to CD/MP3 = $12.00


Fisher Werke


We specialize in transferring old Audio, Video, and Film to more contemporary versions like CD and DVD. We don't just preserve your memories, we bring your memories back to life.

We started out because we saw a need for individuals to preserve their memories. You probably have a box somewhere that is filled with memories, what a great opportunity to have as a Christmas or Birthday present this year. One that will bring the past back in a memorable way, and that you can share with the rest of your family.