by: Donnee Patrese

Maxine Marshall wasn’t looking for love. Love was a crazy and complex emotion that she wanted no part of. After a stint with an abusive boyfriend that left her vulnerable and low, all she wanted was--sex. Lots of SEX! Though, sex with her best friend’s father was not what she had in mind, she knew sometimes amazing sex has a way of clouding judgment.

Michael Salvatore wasn’t a saint. He didn’t mind giving Maxine what she wanted. She wasn’t the first woman he had an affair with after all. He was prepared to make her feel things she had never felt before. But through all the sex, he was still looking. Looking for what his wife would not give him, hot steamy sex, intimacy and—love. Sex was easy. He could find sex, but love was another story…until he met Maxine.

Maxine knew Michael was different. He was not like any other man she had ever met. He was all man, rich, successful, attractive and…white. Maxine had never been with a white man. She was intrigued.

Michael made her yearn for things she had never wanted before and deep down she knew the affair should end. She was never supposed to lose her heart to him, but once Michael confessed his love and his intentions to leave his wife; her first reaction was to run away, but his sophistication and charm swept her off her feet and had her running in the opposite direction…right into his arms.

Prohibited is a novel about toe curling sex fueled by infidelity, betrayal and self-exploration.