Donnell JAZZ

The Donnell JAZZ performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (January 29th, 2016)

The "JAZZ" plays many different styles of music as well as plays many different venues.

There are two Jazz Bands at Donnell. The JAZZ is made up of 7th & 8th graders as well as select 6th graders and the 6th Grade Jazz Band is made up of 6th graders and starts in January each year.

The Donnell JAZZ meets on the following schedule:

Tuesdays* and Thursdays at 7:00 AM.

* Tuesday schedule are sectionals and sometimes full group

1st Tuesday: Woodwinds

2nd Tuesday: Trumpets

3rd Tuesday: Trombones

4th Tuesday: Rhythm Section

The Donnell JAZZ getting ready to leave for Groundwork Jazz Camp @ Univ. of Bluffton (July 12th, 2017)

Donnell JAZZ 2019-2020 Performances

Wed, July 31 & Thurs, Aug 1, 2019: Donnell Groundwork JAZZ Camp @ Donnell MS w/ Mr. Baransy & Mr. Doepker

Wed, December 11th, 2019: St. Catherine's Retirement Performance @ 5:30 PM (Blue Band Shirts)

Wed, December 11th, 2019: Honors Jazz Band Audition Recordings due today. See Mr. Sheehe for info.

Wed, January 8th, 2020: 6th Grade Donnell Jazz Band first Rehearsal @ 7 AM

Tuesday, May 20th, 2020: City Jazz Concert @ Donnell @ 7 PM (Tux)

"JAZZ" Past Competition Results, Accomplishments, Performances & Notable Events

2019: Donnell Groundwork JAZZ Camp moves to Donnell Middle School

2016: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Performance & World Premier of Baldwin Avenue Blues

2016: Inaugural year for Donnell 6th Grade Jazz Band

2015: Commission of Original Composition for Donnell JAZZ by Paul Baransy

2015: 16 Donnell JAZZ students attend summer Groundwork Jazz Camp at University of Bluffton

2013: Donnell JAZZ sends students to Groundwork Jazz Camp at University of Bluffton for first time.

2013: Inaugural Performance at New Donnell at January Pep Rally.

2010: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame/Hard Rock Cafe Trip to Cleveland

2008: Group changes name from Atomic Jam Jazz Band to the Donnell JAZZ

2001: Musical Carousel (Cedar Point) - Superior Rating

2000: Musical Carousel (Cedar Point) - Superior Rating

1999: Musical Carousel (Cedar Point) - Superior Rating

1998: Musical Carousel (Cedar Point) - Excellent Rating & our first ever competition!