The Donnell Percussion Ensemble performing at SHOCKWAVE Preview Show (December 3rd, 2016)

Donnell has many different Ensembles. Most compete in OMEA Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event, but some compete in other venues. Below is the list of Ensembles and recent results:

Donnell Concert Percussion Ensemble (OIPA/WGI - Competition)

2020: WGI Solo & Ensemble TBD in June - will begin season after SHOCKWAVE season is complete

2019: OIPA State Championships: 72 (State Runner Up)

2019: Undefeated Regular Season

2019: Springfield Holland HS OIPA Show: (1st Place)

2019: Wapakoneta HS OIPA Show: (1st Place)

2018: SHOCKWAVE Show: Exhibtion

2018: WGI World Championships: 76.1 (Finished 11th in the World)

2018: OIPA State Championships: 77.5 (State Runner Up)

2018: Franklin Heights HS OIPA Show: 63.9 (1st Place)

2018: Springfield HS OIPA Show: 66.6 (1st Place)

2018: Troy, MI WGI Show: n/a - Show Canceled due to weather

2018: Marion Harding HS OIPA Show: Exhibition

2017: SHOCKWAVE Show (Dec. 2nd): Exhibition

2017: OIPA State Championships: 80.8 (State Champions)

2017: Undefeated Regular Season

2017: Findlay OIPA Show: 60.55 (1st Place)

2017: Springfield OIPA Show: 59.75 (1st Place)

2017: Marion Harding OIPA Show: Exhibition

2016: SHOCKWAVE Show (Dec. 3rd): Exhibition

2016: OIPA State Championships: 78.9 (State Champions)

2016: Findlay S&E Day: Excellent (II)

2016: Findlay OIPA Show: 72.7 (1st Place)

2016: Springfield OIPA Show: 71.3 (1st Place)

2016: Marion Harding OIPA Show: Exhibition

2015: SHOCKWAVE Show: Exhibition

2015: Girls Basketball Game: Exhibition

2015: OIPA State Championships: 72.5 (State Runner Up)

2015: Licking Valley OIPA Show: 73.7 (2nd Place)

2015: Central Crossing OIPA Show: 66.6 (1st Place)

2015: Marion Harding OIPA Show: Exhibition

2014: SHOCKWAVE Show: Exhibition

2014: OIPA State Championships: 82 (State Runner Up)

2014: Springfield OIPA Show: 67.15 (1st Place)

2014: Findlay OIPA Show: Exhibition

2013: OIPA State Championships: 80.3 (State Champions)

2013: Springfield OIPA Show: 74.6 (1st Place)

2013: Wapakoneta OIPA Show: Exhibition

Donnell Ensemble Day February 22nd, 2018

6th Grade Woodwind Ensemble Superior

7th Grade Flute/Oboe Trio C/O

8th Grade Flute Quintet Superior

7th Grade Clarinet Choir Superior

8th Grade Clarinet Quintet Superior

7th Grade Saxophone Choir Superior

8th Grade Saxophone Choir Superior

6th Grade Brass Choir Excellent

7th Grade Brass Choir Excellent

8th Grade Brass Choir Excellent

6th Grade Percussion Ens Blue C/O

6th Grade Percussion Ens Gold C/O

7th Grade Percussion Ensemble C/O

8th Grade Percussion Ensemble Superior

OMEA Adjudicated Solo & Ensemble Events (March 24th, 2018)

Landon Heft (Trumpet) Superior

OMEA Events (March 25th, 2017 A&E)

8th Percussion Ensemble Excellent

8th Misc. WW Trio Blue Excellent

8th Misc. WW Trio Gold Excellent

8th Brass Trio Excellent

8th Flute Choir Good

8th Brass Trio Superior

8th Percussion Ensemble Superior

8th Brass Quintet C/O

8th Saxophone Choir Excellent

8th Clarinet Choir Excellent

7th Trumpet Soloist Landon Heft Superior

7th Trumpet Soloist Nathan Brodman Superior

7th Trumpet Soloist Xavier Doering Superior

7th Trumpet Duet C/O

7th Trumpet Trio Good

7th Misc. Woodwind Trio C/O

7th Misc. Wood Trio Fl/Cl Superior

7th Trumpet Trio Excellent

7th Trumpet Trio Good

7th Mallet Percussion Trio Superior

7th Percussion Ensemble C/O

7th Brass Trio Excellent

7th Misc. WW Trio Excellent

7th Saxophone Quartet Superior

Findlay City Schools Solo & Ensemble Day (February 16th, 2017)

6th Saxophone Quartet Excellent

6th Brass Quartet Excellent

6th Misc. Woodwind Quartet Blue Excellent

6th Trumpet Quartet Blue Superior

6th Trumpet Quartet Gold Good

6th Clarinet Duet Excellent

6th Misc. Brass Choir Excellent

6th Misc. Woodwind Quartet Gold Excellent

6th Percussion Trio Blue Superior

6th Percussion Trio Gold Excellent

6th Misc. Woodwind Trio Blue Superior

6th Misc. Woodwind Trio Gold Excellent

6th Misc. Woodwind Quartet White Superior

6th Clarinet Trio Superior

6th Taylor Nichols Marimba Solo Superior

6th Owen Clevenger Trombone Solo Excellent

6th Leigha Shatzer Flute Solo Superior

Findlay City Schools Solo & Ensemble Day (March 19th, 2016)

6th Flutes Excellent

6th Clarinets Excellent

6th Sax Group Blue Excellent

6th Sax Group Gold Excellent

6th Trumpets Blue Excellent

6th Trumpets Gold Excellent

6th Trumpets White Excellent

6th French Horn Trio Superior

6th Low Brass Good

6th Percussion Blue Excellent

6th Percussion Gold Exhibition

6th Percussion White Exhibition

7th Flutes/Bassoon Superior

7th Clarinets Superior

7th Saxophone Choir Superior

7th French Horn Duet Good

7th Trumpets Superior

7th Low Brass Excellent

7th Percussion Ensemble Excellent

8th Flutes Superior

8th Clarinet Choir Excellent

8th Saxophone/French Horn Choir Excellent

8th Trumpet Trio Superior

8th Trombone/Euphonium/Bassoon Trio Excellent

8th Percussion Ensemble Superior

Donnell Percussion Ensemble Excellent

Krista Price (Flute Solo) Superior

Rebecca Huff (Flute Solo) Excellent

Huff/Bailey Flute/Clarinet Duet Superior

Jordan Bechtol (Trumpet Solo) Superior

Xavier Doering (Trumpet Solo) Superior

Matthew Bechtol (French Horn Solo) Superior

OMEA Events (April 2nd, 2016 S&E AE)

Jordan Bechtol (Trumpet) Superior

Jordan Bechtol (Piano) Excellent

OMEA Events (March 28th, 2015 S&E AE)

Misc. Woodwind Trio. Superior

Trumpet Trio. Excellent

Rebecca Huff (Flute) Excellent

Sylvia Bright (Flute) Superior

Zoe Clark (Clarinet) Excellent

Jordan Bechtol (Trumpet) Superior

Jasmine Doering (Trombone) Superior

OMEA Events (March 22nd, 2014 S&E AE)

Flute Choir Excellent

Clarinet Choir Superior

Misc. Sax Ensemble: Superior

Brass Choir: Excellent

Percussion Ens: Superior

Misc. Woodwind Trio: Superior

Sax Quartet: Superior

Trumpet Trio: Excellent

Low Brass Quartet: Good

Maggie Yarcusko (Flute): Superior

Kayla Keckler (A-Sax): Superior

Jeffrey Morsfield (T-Sax): Superior

Garrett Heath (Trumpet): Excellent

Zack Tice (Trumpet): Superior