First Grade Information

The most important part of Read and Lead is adult involvement. You are asked to read with your child 10 minutes or more a day, at least five days a week. The 10 minutes a day can be any combination of child or adult reading.

*Recording sheets should be returned at the end of each month. A new blank recording sheet will be sent home. Recording sheets can also be printed from this website. Previous month’s dates will not be counted towards the current month’s reading.

*Read as much as you wish (weekends and holidays too!); however, you can only make one entry on your recording sheet each day to count as Read and Lead credit.

*Each month that your child turns in a recording sheet with at least 20 days listed (10 minutes each day), they will receive a brag tag. In addition, students who meet this requirement and turn in at least 6 recording sheets, will be invited to a special celebration.

*If your child’s bag is returned without a book, we will send a note home in the bag. No new books will be sent until the old one is returned or paid for. Book replacement fees are $6.00 per book. The bag and book must be returned at the end of the year. The cost to replace a bag is $4.00.

*If you have any problem with a book (too hard, too easy, etc.), please feel free to return it with a note. Remember, you can always read books from home or the library to supplement for Read and Lead credit.

*Book bags are filled daily by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact your child’s teacher or one of the coordinators.

*Remember to have fun, relax and enjoy your time together!