National Honor Society

Welcome to the Fife High School Nation Honor Society website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the officers or Mr. Giddings.

National Honor Society Induction

February 20, 2019

Columbia Junior High PAC

The ceremony begins at 6:30 pm; please be there no later than 6:00

The National Honor Society Induction is an important event in which you will receive a certificate stating that you are an official member of the society. It is required by the national organization.

  • You must dress formally and appropriately! A nice dress or suit will be acceptable. It does not have to be over-the-top, but wear what you would to a nice event, and not to school.
    • Ladies, please note you will be standing on a stage. Dress appropriately.
    • Gentlemen, a suit is not required, but this might be a night to bust out that tie your aunt gave you.
  • Members will receive a program in which their names are listed alphabetically. You will be separated by grade, and within those lines, you will stand/be seated according to how the names are listed in the program. Failure to do so may lead to someone else’s name being called as you stand awkwardly at the edge of the stage and ultimately to you putting someone else’s certificate up on your refrigerator.
  • Your families are welcome to attend the induction.
  • There will be light snacks and drinks afterward in the cafeteria area.


Congratulations to all new and returning members!

See the volunteering page for service opportunities! Get out there and make a difference!

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