Ferris ISD is a G-Suite district that utilizes the entire Google Apps for Education products. These products are free for district use and do not have any storage limits.

To learn more about the entire G-Suite offerings, please click here .

Google Certified Educators

Google has several levels of certifications that teachers can earn and are as follows:

  • Educator Level 1 - This for educators that have learned the basics of Google tools and use them in their classroom. Shows basic level of technology skills.
  • Educator Level 2 - This for educators that are super users of Google tools and use them in their classroom. Shows advanced level of technology skills.
  • Certified Trainer - This for educators that educate teachers how to better use the Google Apps and tools in the classroom.
  • Certified Innovator -This for educators that are changing the education experience in education at Google and all around the world.

Google has a free training site that will prepare you for the Educator 1 and 2 tests. Once those are passed, you can go the extra step to become a Google Certified Trainer.