General Resources

FCPS Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Since there isn't unlimited time to teach Digital Citizenship, it's important to cover the information with students in a way that's meaningful as well as efficient. The district has created a curriculum that rotates focus topics by grade level -- while still covering all topics required -- and strives to touch on different aspects of Internet Safety.

Schools are not required to follow this curriculum.


Resources for Implementing Instruction

  • AUP Template for Students -- this form is not mandated by the district, but you may find it useful. A school council must approve one for its school, however, and teachers and students must abide by the approved AUP. A Spanish version is also available.
  • Parent Letter Template -- a district letter example is currently being created for use at the school level. Schools will be able to customize it to meet their needs. The letter will be available in time for the beginning of the year.
  • Teacher Sign-off Class Instruction Template -- feel free to use and edit as needed

Resources for Students

  • Student Guide to Social Media -- this is a good source to link on a school website, send to parents at the beginning of the year, or share at an information night. It is also posted on the FCPS district website.
  • #SocialMedia: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly ... -- geared toward students, this brochure would be a good one to share with incoming 6th graders and/or 9th grade students.
social media guidelinesfinalrevised.pdf

Resources to Share With Parents

As your school hosts parent or technology nights -- or just updates families via websites or email -- here are some resources to use. Please feel free to share any you create so they may be posted here.

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For assistance, contact Paula Setser-Kissick.