Instructional Plan

Submit School Instructional Plans:

Note: You will need to log in with your district credentials to Google and Office 365.

Template: School Curriculum Plan

The links below are a blank template of the curriculum plan. Feel free to tweak to reflect your school's plan but be sure all grade levels are reflected on the document. If you are not already logged into Google or O365, you'll be prompted for your FCPS credentials.

  • Google Doc
    • To edit this Doc, click on File/Make a copy. An editable document will be added to your personal Google Drive.
  • Word document
    • Click on the Google Doc link above. Click on File/Download as and select the first option of Microsoft Word (.docx).


School Coordinator Checklist

  • Attend coordinator training before creating instructional plan for the new year.
  • Explore new resources and memos.
  • Create a plan.
  • Discuss plan with the principal or program director and get his or her signature for it.
  • Submit all parts of the plan in time to meet the district's deadline. (Refer to the top of this page.)
  • New coordinators -- submit iSafe training documentation by due date.
  • Periodically remind people in charge of instruction that they must complete the plan with students by Winter Break.
  • Collect teacher sign-off sheets (if used).
  • Suggested: continue to share Digital Citizenship information with students, parents, and staff through the remainder of the year. This information can take the form of newsletters, fliers, brief videos for school morning programs, etc.

Office of Instructional Technology, Fayette County Public Schools, 701 E. Main St., Lexington, KY 40502

For assistance, contact Paula Setser-Kissick.