Instructional & Emerging Technologies

Instructional and Emerging Technologies (IET) is dedicated to integrating media and computing technologies into the College curriculum to augment and enhance teaching and learning. IET assists faculty, students, and other members of the College community in locating, evaluating, creating, and delivering technology-based instructional materials that support the educational mission of the College.

IET fosters opportunities for Franklin & Marshall students to use educational technology in College-sponsored curricular activities by providing support for instructional media production, instructional materials access and distribution, online learning resources, technology demonstrations, and student help and project consulting. IET is located in the Spark Lab in Shadek-Fackenthal Library.

IET has trained student workers to be experts in the equipment in SFL.  Please ask them for assistance or ideas!

Teb Locke

Director of Instructional & Emerging Technologies

Office → SFL 110

Kelly Miller

Senior Instructional Designer

Office → SFL 107A