Falmouth Farm-to-School 

Our Mission: to root the farm-to-school movement into our cafeterias, classrooms, and learning gardens.

Our Vision: to graduate young citizens empowered to use their sustainability and food justice education to improve the health and wellness of themselves, their communities, and the environment.

Our Four Prong Approach: school gardens, local procurement, agricultural education, community involvement.

From student health and academic achievement, to job creation and family engagement, the benefits of farm to school activities are far reaching – and well documented! Read the report: Benefits Fact Sheet

FES Learning Gardens
FMS Raised Beds
FMS Courtyard Greenhouse

FES Learning Garden

FMS Raised Beds

FMS Courtyard Greenhouse

FHS Orchard
Boiling sap from school sugar maples
2016 Maine Ag in the Classroom book reading at FES

FHS Orchard

Boiling Sap from school Sugar Maples

Maine Ag in the Classroom book reading at FES

Making apple cider from FHS Orchard apples.

FES front lobby celebrating March Nutrition Month

FES Lobby during March Nutrition Month

All hands to the hoop house. A school community effort!

Local natural baby carrots
Local fresh green and yellow beans
Local apples

Purchases of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, beef, poultry, fish from local farms, fishers, and processors such as Little Ridge Farm, Fresh Start Farms, Sweetser's Orchard, Archer Angus, Maine Family Farms, Oakhurst Dairy, Backyard Farms, Northern Girl, Crown O'Maine, Merrill Seafood, Bowden Egg Farm, Wealdon Farm, Spear Farm, Pineland Farm.