Road to Liberation Launch

AUGUST 30, 2020 - 2:00-8:00PM

On August 30, Faith in Texas will launch our Road to Liberation Campaign to divest from white supremacy and invest in true liberation. White supremacy is rooted in the age-old lie that some people are worth less than others - the same lie that has accommodated slavery and jim crow. In ways visible and invisible, this lie has ingrained itself in our systems, communities, and relationships - and we are all responsible for dismantling it.

During the Road to Liberation Launch Event, we will share our faith-centered analysis of how policing and mass incarceration have been rooted in the age-old lie, and how people from all faiths and races can work together to forge a new path towards true community safety. We’ll offer breakout sessions to explore how racism shows up in our lives and communities, and how we can take action to disrupt and dismantle it. Finally, we will take action together to let our community and our leaders know that we will no longer submit to the chains of racist systems. Join us for this galvanizing event as we set off on the Road to Liberation together.

Participants can attend sessions, breakouts, and actions of their choosing - we encourage you to attend the whole event, but each session also stands alone, so participate as you are able!


Virtual Meeting

Explore policing, incarceration, deprivation, and liberation with activists, artists, and leaders as we share our faith-rooted analysis of why it is time to divest from policing and incarceration and invest in true liberation and safety for our communities.


Virtual Meeting

Join breakout sessions hosted by Faith in Texas and our Road to Liberation partners to explore how white supremacy shows up in our lives and communities, and how we can take action to disrupt and dismantle it.

Learn more about the breakout sessions here!


Come-and-go action with COVID-19 precautions in place - Frank Crowley Courts Building, 133 N Riverfront Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207

White supremacy has bound us in countless ways, visible and invisible. We have all been carrying the chains of racial hierarchy - chains that hold us back from who we were meant to be - for far too long. During the Breaking Our Chains Action, we will demonstrate our commitment to being free of these chains by leaving paper chains at the Dallas County Jail.

Learn more about the Breaking Our Chains Action here!


Virtual Meeting

Following the Breaking Our Chains Action, we will close our time together by unpacking what it takes to create a movement - not just a moment. The fight for liberation has lasted for generations, and will be carried on by generations to come. What does it mean to commit to a life of liberation?


Marston Meador

Christina Massey

Mellita Hayes

Jeremy Gregg

Lora Brandis

Kimberly O'Neil

Deanna Hollas

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