The Arts Happen Here.

Fairhaven High School's Art Department empowers all students to create art that inspires the world.

Our Pathways

Our comprehensive Visual Arts Program provides our students with a wide range of instruction and opportunities for expression and exhibition. Fairhaven High School offers five visual art pathways for students to explore possible careers, and offers opportunities for students to find their voice through the arts. From centuries old techniques, to the use of the latest software, equipment, and media, the FHS Visual Arts Program prepares our students to be effective and reflective visual communicators.

Mission Statement

The Fairhaven High School Art Department is dedicated to providing a comprehensive arts education that nurtures creativity, fosters personal growth, and empowers students to become confident, innovative, and culturally aware artists. We strive to instill a lifelong appreciation for the arts and to cultivate the next generation of creative thinkers and visionaries.