School Counseling and Student Services

Student Services Phone Number (203) 255-8388

Caryn Campbell, Director of Student Services

Stephanie Crowe, Administrative Assistant

Fitts Guidance

Direct Phone Number

(203) 255-8365

School Counselors

Sara Drexel

Jennifer Johnson

Benjamin Levy

Admin. Asst., Jen Montero

Pequot Guidance

Direct Phone Number

(203) 255-8351

School Counselors

Koti Curley

Jill Cutter

Richard Johnson

Admin. Asst., Karen Sanborn

Townsend Guidance

Direct Phone Number

(203) 255-8363

School Counselors

Ali Chagnon

Danielle Jurkiewicz

Lindsay Walker

Admin. Asst., Kristen Arsenault

Student Support Center

Direct Phone Number (203) 255-8360

School Psychologists

Ryan Passarelli

Sue Redgate

School Social Workers

Sonia Coelho

Andrew Stein

Student Assistant Counselor

Pamela Walker

Administrative Assistant

Carminda Braz

College and Career Center

Katherine Corsillo

(203) 255-8357

Fall 2021 College Visits begin September 20th. For detailed information, click here.