Physical Education

Welcome to the McKinley Physical Education Website! Here you will find a list of activities/games for each unit, physical education information and ideas to stay active at home. Be sure to wash your hands after participating in physical activities!

Expectations in Physical Education Class-

1. Safe- Follow the rules/directions given by the teacher

2. Responsible-Bring your sneakers, show good sportsmanship, clean up

3. Respectful-Respect yourself, others, the teacher and equipment

News in Physical Education (will be updated throughout the school year):

May- We have been focusing on Backyard Games throughout the month of May. Students have been participating modified Baggo, Horseshoes and the Washer Toss. Field Day will be on Monday, June 3rd with a rain date of Monday, June 10th. If you are interested in volunteering at field day please email Mr. Dolyak at . For field day, please make sure students put on sunscreen, wear sneakers and bring a change of clothes just in case they get wet.

April/May 2020: During the times of social distancing and digital learning, we hope you are staying healthy and safe. We also hope that you are staying physically active with exercises and activities while at home. Our google classroom activities provide you with material which you can use, but feel free to participate in other exercises that you see fit. Be sure to stretch, hydrate, be safe, and have fun. Stay positive and we can get through this together!

April- The weather is getting nicer so we are focusing on games that students can play outside. For 4th and 5th grade we have been teaching Mat Ball (kickball variation). Kindergarten- 5th grade have also been learning the skill and technique of throwing a Frisbee and playing a variety Frisbee games. It is our hope that the students will take the games that they learn and transfer them to their own life outside of school. We hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather!

March- This month we started the Body Management Unit for K-5. The Body Management Unit includes all of the following activities: rock wall, cargo net, rope climbing, the springboard and vaulting box, long jump, balance beam and the wall climber. We stress the importance of safety throughout this unit but also encourage students to challenge themselves with trying new skills that they feel comfortable with. The students have been practicing skills at each of the stations throughout the month of March. Physical fitness components are still being challenged with P.A.C.E.R. (running), push-ups, sit-ups, and stretching warm-ups. Be sure to work on your personal fitness goals on your own time!

February- We started off the month of February with pillow polo hockey. Students K-5 have learned proper grips to hold a hockey stick, stick handling skills and passing. We progressed to a 4 way hockey game incorporating team sport strategies (offense, defense, goalie, communication, teamwork). We will be finishing out the month with a Basketball Unit. K-2nd grade is currently focusing on dribbling, passing and shooting. 3rd-5th grade will be reviewing the skills of dribbling, passing and shooting and will be introduced to the lay up. At the end of the unit students will be participating in shooting games and modified basketball games. You should have received a Jump Rope for Heart packet which explains the fundraiser organized by the American Heart Association. We have discussed the fundraiser with students and showed a short video in class. It is NOT mandatory to participate however, if you choose to it is a great cause and the funds raised are greatly appreciated.

January- Happy New Year! We have reached 2020 and have had a great start in PE. After returning from the break, K-5 participated in a cooperative game called Buckets. Buckets is a relay game that promotes gross motor skills, concentration, accuracy, and collaboration with team members. It also allows for maximum participation time. Next unit is basketball where each grade will be taught the fundamentals and modified for their respective age and level of ability. Activities incorporated with the sport are spot take away (basketball version), around the world, "horse", knock-out, and many more! Enjoy!

December- In the month of December we learned and played the first invasion game of the year, Team Handball (4th-5th grade). In K-3rd grade we played Spot Take Away where we focused on teamwork, overhand throwing and underhand throwing. Lastly, K-5th participated in the Bucket Relay race activity to practice throwing skills and collaboration with team members. Happy Holidays to all! Have a relaxing a rejuvenating Winter break!

November- We are finishing up with Physical Fitness testing, just about all 3rd-5th grade classes are done. 4th grade scores will be posted on Infinite Campus for parents to see. Students did a great job giving their best effort for all fitness tests. We also have reminded students that they can practice for each fitness test at home (they know how to perform each test correctly and different ways to practice). We have started a Frisbee games unit for 2nd-5th grade. We will continue to play tag games to review locomotor movements and personal space in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

September/October- We have been working hard and getting 3rd, 4th and 5th graders ready for Physical Fitness Testing. The fitness tests include: the mile run (1/2 mile run for 3rd grade), curl-ups, push-ups, and sit and reach. We will begin testing next week and continue throughout the month of October. In the younger grades (K-2) we began the year with tag games to review basic locomotor movements. We have now moved onto manipulative skills like throwing and rolling. We have been playing a variety of different games to practice these skills. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to a great year!