INTERDISTRICT PERMITS - Procedures & Timelines


 2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR ON MARCH 4, 2024

Information for 5th Grade Students Currently on Permit:

Current 5th-grade students on an inter-district permit must complete a NEW permit application to continue to one of the middle schools in EWCSD.  Please review your ParentSquare account for related posts on this process.

Out-of-district residents that would like to attend a school within EWCSD must first get a permit release from their district of residence (contact your District's permit office for instructions). Once you obtain the signed release you can submit that paperwork by email to EWCSD will begin accepting these interdistrict permits for the 2024-2025 school year beginning on March 4 and ending on March 15, 2024. 

Click here for a copy of Board Policy 5117 - Interdistrict Attendance


Conditions for Approval of Interdistrict Agreements


The Superintendent or designee may approve an interdistrict attendance permit for a student for any of the following reasons when stipulated in the agreement:



Priority for interdistrict attendance shall be given to a student who has been determined by staff of either the district of residence or district of proposed enrollment to be a victim of an act of bullying as defined in Education Code 48900(r), committed by a student of the district of residence. 


The Superintendent or designee may deny initial requests for interdistrict attendance permits due to:

Once a student is admitted, the District shall not deny continued attendance because of overcrowded facilities at the relevant grade level.

Interdistrict Permits may be revoked if:


The District may also deny an interdistrict permit request for a student whose permit has been revoked by any East Whittier City School District school in the current or previous school year.


A child of an active military duty parent/guardian shall not be prohibited from transferring out of the District to a school district of choice, if the other school district approves the application for transfer. (Education Code 48301)

For district residents that would like to be released to attend a school in another district, you will need to download the form located below, complete it and sign it. You will then email the completed and signed form to for processing from March 11- April 2. Once approved the form will be sent to the email address indicated on the form. Please allow 7-10 days to process after the April 2nd closing date. 

Please click here to download the Interdistrict Permit

For district residents that would like to attend a different school within EWCSD than their school of residence please click here

24-25 Interdistrict Permit Requests:

For out-of-district families that would like to submit an inter-district permit application for consideration for the current 2024-2025 school year, you can email your completed application from your district of residence to Please note that there are limited available spots for permits at this time. 


Permit Office Hours:

The District office is open Monday-Friday from 7:30-4:00 p.m.  You can submit permit-related documents or schedule appointments via email to



Q: We reside outside of the district boundaries but want our child to attend an EWCSD school, how do I do that?


A: You will need to apply for an interdistrict permit. This requires you to get released from your child's district/school of residence.  Once approved and signed by your district/school of residence you will need to submit that permit paperwork to EWCSD for consideration. Interdistrict permits are processed after open enrollment ends and are subject to available space.


Q: Am I guaranteed the school I request for a permit?


A: No. Some of our schools are projected to be at or above enrollment capacity*. Your permit will be processed as an interdistrict permit and accepted based on the date it was submitted and the priorities for acceptance as indicated in Board Policy.


Q: If I want my son/daughter to attend the same school as a sibling, and it is not the school of residence, do I submit a permit application?


A: Yes. You need to complete an interdistrict permit application. Although siblings of students already on a permit are given priority, please note that a spot is not automatic, nor guaranteed.


Q: Is transportation provided to the new school?


A: No. Transportation is the responsibility of the parents/guardians.


Q: Do permits need to be renewed each year?


A: Only for 5th-grade students that want to attend a middle school that is not their school of residence. 


Q: How do I register for transitional kindergarten?


A: Please visit for information about transitional kindergarten.


Q: How do I apply for dual language immersion?


A: Please visit for information about Dual Language Immersion.


Q: If I want my child to attend a different high school than their school of residence, what do I do?


A: Open Enrollment for WUHSD takes place January 22-February 2. This process is only for students who live in the Whittier Union High School District attendance area and want to attend a school within the district other than their school of residence. For questions regarding WUHSD please visit the WUHSD website link.