EUSD Enrichment

Enrichment is part of what makes EUSD so special!  Each school site provides enrichment opportunities to best meet the unique learning environment and needs of their school communities. All enrichment offerings are designed to extend classroom learning and provide students hands-on opportunities to enhance creative thinking, leadership skills, collaborative learning, increased literacy and so much more!


Our two District Enrichment offerings, Health and Wellness and TRAC (Team building, Regulation, Acceptance, and Community), take place at every school site throughout the district and are 100% funded by EUSD.   All of our District Enrichment offerings are tied to our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), and support the state requirements for Health and Wellness and Social Emotional Learning.


Site Enrichment opportunities make each school distinctive and special.  Content areas differ slightly across the district and are driven by the unique learning environment and needs of the school, as well as input from students, staff, and parents.  Site enrichment is funded 60% by parent donations and fundraising efforts, and 40% by the district.  These experiences help support learning already taking place in the grade level classrooms, while also providing students a platform to explore their passions.