New state science standards causing you stress?

ESU 5 and Homestead National Monument of America Partner for Science Education

ESU 5 and Homestead National Monument of America is teaming up to help! Schools will be invited to send their 3rd and 6th grade students to the Homestead for a day of 3D science with the Science Guys and the Homestead education team. We will contact your district regarding dates and times for these 3D camps.

The first two days were held on August 27th and 28th for 6th grade. Students had the opportunity to participate in three different rotations: Mad Scientist Breakout (spread of disease), Insect Kit with Homestead (citizen science activity with insect collection and identification) and Invasive Species and How to Prevent Them. We had approximately 70 students each of the two days that represented six of ESU 5’s schools.

The remaining 6th grade students will have the opportunity on either January 8 or 10. 3rd grade students first opportunity will take place on November 19th or 20th. The second dates for the other half of the 3rd grade will be May 13th or 14th. Annette Weise will be in touch with you to set up your times.