Back to School Tech Tips

Update Your Passwords

Changing your passwords occasionally is one of the best ways to keep your accounts secure.

Use a Password Manager

Changing your passwords occasionally can make it difficult to manage all of those different passwords you need. Try a password manager such as Lastpass or Google.

Save Your Files on Google Drive

The best way to prevent data loss is to save all your files to the cloud. If your school uses Google for email you get unlimited storage space!

Clear Out Those Old Emails

Keep your inbox neat and tidy for faster searches, and better organization.

Don't Get Phished

Avoid clicking on email links or attachments that you're unsure about. To quote Damien who gets full credit for this cheesy line. When in doubt give your IT guy a shout!

Be Careful What You Are Downloading

Avoid installing random packages off the internet so you don't install unwanted malware and adware on your machine. Ask your IT person if it's safe first.

Troubleshooting Problems

Using the internet and various search engines could help you solve the problem yourself. When searching for a solution, mentioning what type of operating system like Windows 10 or Mac Sierra, the program you are having trouble with, and a description of the problem or error message could lead to support pages that have solutions from manufacturers, developers, or other users who may have encountered the same problem.

Anti-Virus Reminder

Make sure you have an Antivirus installed that is up to date. You should schedule virus scans on your computer at least once a month to prevent issues. Antivirus software can slow down your computer while it is doing a system scan so it’s best to schedule these weekends or off-hours.