Welcome to the Metro Regional Secondary Transition website!

This website is designed to assist those who support youth with disabilities in preparing for the next phase of their lives.

Secondary Transition planning is a partnership between students with disabilities, their families, school, higher education, training programs, employers, and community service providers. Transition planning typically begins at age 14, or younger if determined appropriate by the IEP team. This process prepares students for adult life after they leave high school, identifies the desired outcomes, and integrates community and school experiences to assure that the students acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.

McKayla LaBorde

ESU #3 Director of Student Services

402-597-4934, mlaborde@esu3.org

Allison Kelberlau

ESU #3 Assistant Director of Student Services

402-597-4935, akelberlau@esu3.org