Day 1 Presentations (Full Day Sessions)

Setting Up Classrooms for Students with Autism Like a Ninja

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Incorporating Core Vocabulary to Promote Academic Progress: Getting to the Core of Core Vocabulary

Building Sustainable Adult Schedules: The Life Plan with a Focus on Diversity

PE and Motor Activities for Students with Severe Disabilities

Strategy to See: Strategies for Students with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment

  • Presenter: Diane Sheline, TVI | Strategies to See: Houston
  • Handout

Teaching Grade Level Standards Across the Curriculum in the Life Skills Class

Day 2 | Thursday | June 22 | Morning

Keynote: Intelligent Lives: Preview Screening and Discussion

  • Dan Habib
  • There was no handout for this session

Managing Challenging Behavior

Be a Buddy Not a Bully

Live! Laugh! Love! Literature for All: Teaching Grade-Level Books to Secondary Students with Cognitive Disabilities

Literacy Centers for the Struggling Reader

Give Yourself a Hand: Sign Language in the Classroom

Roll into Reading

  • Deborrah Gauntlett & Diana Hiebeler
  • Handout

Post Secondary Education Options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader

Day 2 | Thursday | June 22 | Afternoon

How to Implement Task Analysis Strategies in the Classroom

Transition Planning for Students Who Don't Fit the Mold: Discovering Meaningful Contexts for Skills and Preferred Activities

Bring It Out of the Classroom: Communication, Social Skills, and Friendship

Is It Time to Move Forward? Writing for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

How to Prepare Your Students for STAAR Alternate 2 without Teaching to the Test

Start Strong. . . Be the Coach That Everyone Needs

  • Julie Atchley
  • There was no handout for this session.

Giving Students Options: Fostering Independence for Transition

ACC STEPS: Is College an Option for Students with Intellectual Disabilities?

  • Mariah Lossing
  • There was no handout for this session

Totally Communicating! Total Communication in the Classroom with Students with Complex Communication Needs

  • Marla Williams & Alyse Cordelli
  • Handout

Keep Calm and Stay Connected: Personal Networks for Adults with Disabilities and the People Who Love Them

You Can’t Serve From an Empty Bowl: Self-care to Reduce Burnout

Concrete Learners in an Abstract World: Reading Comprehension for Students with Autism and Related Disabilities

Turning Story Time into Literacy Time for Early Learners

More Than Just a Uniform: Inclusive Cheer Squad

What Do I Do? Reaching the Complex Child

TED Talks - Day 2

TED Talks #1

  1. Martin Pistorius – 14:08 min: How My Mind Came Back To Life and No One Knew
  2. Temple Grandin – 19:43 min: The World Needs All Kinds of Minds
  3. Chris Klein – 15:24 min: Seeing Unique Abilities
  4. Phil Hansen – 10:01 min: Embrace the Shake
  5. Rosie King - 6:08 min: How Autism Freed Me to Be Myself
  6. TX Parent 2 Parent - 6:19 min: Personal Networks Video
  7. Alicia Arenas – 19:21 min: Recognizing Glass Children: What It Means to Be a Sibling of a Child with Special Needs

TED Talks #2

  1. Nick Vujicic – 14:53 min: Overcoming Hopelessness
  2. Torrie Dunlap – 17:07 min: Isn't it a pity? The Real Problem with Special Needs
  3. Stella Young – 9:12 min: I’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much
  4. Wendy Chung – 15: 30 min: Autism: What We Know (And What We Don’t Know Yet)
  5. Maysoon Zayid – 14:09 min: I Got 99 Problems… Palsy Is Just One
  6. Matthew Williams – 14:12 min: Special Olympics Let Me Be Myself: A Champion
  7. Chieko Asakawa – 9:29 min: How New Technology Helps Blind People Explore the World
  8. TX Parent 2 Parent - 8:09 min: Transition Video