Student by Student Technology & Leadership Conference

The Student by Student Technology & Leadership Conference (SbySTech) is a unique experience where sessions focusing on the use of technology in education and STEM will be presented by students for their fellow students. This will empower student presenters to be leaders of their own future in the areas of technology, STEM and innovation, as well as provide a platform for students to showcase technology and STEM best practices.

This year's conference will be held as a hybrid event.

Friday, May 13, 2022

9:00 AM - 2:45 PM

AUDIENCE: 8th - 12th Grade Students

THEME: Leave Your Mark

Do you have a special interest in something?

How can you use your passion to make a positive impact on your community?

If you're going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can't be erased.

-- Maya Angelou --


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SbySTech22 Keynote Speakers

"Promoting Through Graphic Design"

Learn how to reach the correct audiences and overcome the fear of presenting your designs to large crowds.

Caroline Lopez

11th Grade

South Texas ISD - World Scholars


"Robotics is Life"

Teresa Garza-Gutierrez

12th Grade

PSJA ISD - Thomas Jefferson T-STEM ECHS


Luis Mariscal

12th Grade

PSJA ISD - Thomas Jefferson T-STEM ECHS


"How Technology Helped Me Break Out of My Shell"

Starting high school seemed like a daunting task that I wasn’t sure how to tackle. However, as I’ve grown throughout my four years as a high-school student, which were filled with many obstacles, I’ve been able to become a better-connected leader within my community. Through different opportunities made possible by technological resources, getting through high school didn’t seem like an impossible feat anymore; instead, it became a second home where I grew into the best that I can be. My presentation will aim to provide advice to high-school students about how they can use resources like technology to become leaders that truly aren’t alone.

Deisiree De Jesus

12th Grade

South Texas ISD - World Scholars



Fear of Life and Death Digital Art Exhibition

Brandon Valdez

South Texas ISD - World Scholars

I will present my art progress from traditional to digital art, learning mainly from my electives such as Digital Art, DIM (Digital Interactive Media), and IB Visual Arts. I will also describe the process and how the art works represent my rapid transition using MediBang, Photoshop/illustrator Techniques, and prior traditional art knowledge.


SbySTech22 Promotional Flyer

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