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Welcome to Erving Elementary School's math website!

You will find pictures of students, teachers, administrators, school committee members, and families engaging in mathematical tasks as a way to better understand the mathematics we teach and as a vehicle to bring our community together.

We hope you will find this website a useful tool to see what's happening inside the school and to find resources that help you have fun doing math at home! Check out the different tabs above to see math videos, students at work, suggestions of games you can play at home and much more.

Below are pictures of the math team. We work every day to provide engaging mathematics that your child will find intriguing and challenging. Please reach out to any one of us if you have questions or comments!

Allison Graichen

Polly Wagner

Below are some excellent articles and videos

to support families doing math at home.

Click on the images below to see videos and/or an article. ENJOY!

Short article about how and why math has changed from when you were young.

Dan Finkle

Great, very short youtube video on how to work with your child at home on mathematics.

Mike Flynn

A great, very engaging video by Mike Flynn at Mount Holyoke College leading a workshop for families on why math classrooms changed and how you can support your

"Learning happens when we are trying to do something we know how to begin and don't know how to finish."

Dan Finkle, Math For Love

Mathematics at Erving Elementary

Resources for Hybrid Learning

School Year 2020-2021

Hybrid Partner Math Learning

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2021 MATH News Letters

Hello from the math team! This website is designed to keep you updated on what's happening with mathematics at school. There are also resource pages for families and caregivers. We hope they are helpful. Let us know!

Polly Wagner:

We are here to support you, your child, teachers, and community members.

Mrs Graichen:

Please reach out to any of us at any time if you have questions about the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Mrs Desorgher:

Kent Haines is an instructor at the University of Alabama. He used to be a middle school teacher, has written math curriculum and has a math game website and blog.

We are in a unique time in our history as a school, state, country and world. During the pandemic our primary concern is the welfare of our students and community -- staying safe and well is our highest priority.

As of April 3rd the school has been providing remote learning opportunities for our students. Each classroom teacher has offered weekly learning plans for students and families on the Erving website. The goal is to support our students with engaging and interesting activities to do at home. We know this can be particularly difficult on families who are balancing home and work life ... and now are asked to provide school-like experiences at home for their children. We know it's a lot!

If you have any questions about the mathematics your child is doing, please don't hesitate to reach out to your classroom teacher and/or someone on our math team: Polly Wagner:, Elizabeth Desorgher:, and Allison Graichen:

Remote Staff Meeting

Teachers meeting to discuss remote learning plans and how to best support families. Friday March 30, 2020


Teaching and Learning at Erving Elementary School

September 2019 - March 2020

The Whole Erving Staff Does Math Together!

September 2019

We discussed the importance of having and creating visual images that represent important mathematics. We worked on addition and fractions.

Visual Number Talks

Teachers enjoy learning & working together!

Teachers working together to make their own Visual Number Talks

Fraction Number Talk

What fraction of the whole is red? How do you know?


What fraction of the large rectangular prism is the triangular prism?


How many? How do you know?


What patterns do you notice? What would come next? What would be the 10th one?

Elizabeth DeSorgher presents at NCTM,

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, in San Diego, CA! April 6, 2019

Ben Rubin and Polly Wagner present at the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts conference

April 11, 2019

Erving colleagues, Lisa Bartlett, Allison Graichen, and Jim Trill, come to the conference too. We learned a lot and had fun doing it!

Staff meeting

September 2018

How many of the small cubes will have yellow paint on their faces?

Will they all look the same?

These teachers worked on how many cubes had 1, 2, and 3 faces painted yellow.

Some teachers worked on the percentages of yellow faces to red faces in the different cube dimensions.

6th graders work on the yellow paint cube problem too!

September 2018

Teachers think about what makes a strong mathematics learning environment - We consider how to meet each student's learning needs.

January 2018

Teachers working together on math problems, thinking about the teaching and learning of mathematics. We're using our time together to explore mathematics and share ideas about how to reach all students. Our goal is to build confident, competent and engaged students of mathematics.

January 2018

Math Problems 1-31-18

Teachers and students learning mathematics