Al Baker's Mugen Baja Commander exhaust

A long quest

When Al Baker was commercializing his Baja Commander kit for the XR500, he included a nice purpose-built exhaust header that had two particularities to deliver more power:

  • bigger bore for better breathing out (ID: 29mm I believe)
  • identical lengths for both bends, allegedly helping the harmonics of gas flow

It was also a clear visual statement that the bike had been tricked.

It took me no less than 4 years to finally find one of these original headers. It came, as often, in the form of an eBay miracle, for a handful of dollars.

It looked a little gritty at first.

It ended up looking perfect after derusting and high temperature paint.

Al Baker also made a Mugen muffler. I was lucky to find one too!

Had to fit a spark arrestor to ride in California.