Electric start

Save a leg

Yes, it is that that easy to start a XR500. Except when it is not.

You know, when the engine is flooded, when you are stuck in the mud, on a hillside, when the motor is too hot, when it is too cold, when it should f@#%&g start!

My right leg bears witness...

It goes like this:

"The FT500 motor is the same as the XR/XLS, with the bonus of electric start yeah? Let's put it in a dirt bike chassis and bob's your uncle."

If only it were that simple...

Some have done it (almost?)

No chain, did it ever ran?

Needs a creative exhaust

Bash plate for deep sump

Some visible differences between the FT500 engine and the XR500 (there are many more)

Exhaust outlets



Oil pumps

Bodies are different, number of teeth

Covers are different

Clutch covers are very different



A dirt bike has to have a kick starter, so let's get the best of both worlds. More soon.