Work Experience, R.A.P. and Off Campus Programs

Coordinator - Mr. Sloane

587 337 4305

Earn Credits for Part Time Work or Volunteering
Classroom Code:fjybwxh

This program allows students to work as a paid Apprentice in a recognized trade while earning credits toward a high school diploma

HCS 3000 - Workplace Safety Systems

A one credit course that students must complete for all Off Campus programs

This program allows students to become certified child care workers in the province of Alberta

Off Campus programs that focus on career development in a multitude of industries and professional opportunities

Paid internships in a broad range of tecnology based placements

Two one credit course that students can complete

Health Sciences Careers AcademySummer Youth Paid Internships

You can contact Mr. Sloane in his office, by phone or email if you have any questions. Phone or Text: (587) 337-4305