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Elmwood Park Public Schools

Curriculum, Instruction & Evaluation

As a resource to the Elmwood Park Public Schools, the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation coordinates a variety of professional development activities and instructional programs to support the district's mission:

We are a community dedicated to creating an educational environment where students are empowered to exceed their potential through a challenging, innovative, and interdisciplinary curriculum. By fostering character, dignity, and respect for self and other cultures, students will become creative thinkers and global citizens able to thrive in a diverse and evolving society.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Jillian Torrento

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation

Mrs. Mary Hayes

Executive Secretary to the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation

(201) 796-8700 x3950

Ms. Nicole Thompson Mrs. Monica Brown Mrs. Carmelina Buffa

Supervisor of Instruction Supervisor of Instruction Educational Technology Specialist

Click below to view the NJDOE Mandates and EP Policies Presentation.

Modified Presentation- NJDOE MANDATES AND EP DISTRICT POLICIES- October, 17 2017- BOE Meeting.pdf

Click below to view the Youth Mental Health Presentation.

Youth Mental Health 101 - 03.19.2018.pdf

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