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Curriculum, Instruction & Evaluation

As a resource to the Elmwood Park Public Schools, the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation coordinates a variety of professional development activities and instructional programs to support the district's mission:

We are a community dedicated to creating an educational environment where students are empowered to exceed their potential through a challenging, innovative, and interdisciplinary curriculum. By fostering character, dignity, and respect for self and other cultures, students will become creative thinkers and global citizens able to thrive in a diverse and evolving society.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Jillian Torrento

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation

Mrs. Carol Fischer

Secretary to the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation

(201) 796-8700 x3950

Ms. Ashley Enste Mrs. Monica Brown Mrs. Carmelina Buffa

Supervisor of Instruction Supervisor of Instruction Educational Technology Specialist

Click below to view the Suicide Prevention Presentation

Suicide Prevention_10.29.2018.pdf

Click below to view the Health Topics Presentation

Health Topics Presentation 2018.pdf

Click below to view the NJDOE Mandates and EP Policies Presentation.

Modified Presentation- NJDOE MANDATES AND EP DISTRICT POLICIES- October, 17 2017- BOE Meeting.pdf

Click below to view the Youth Mental Health Presentation.

Youth Mental Health 101 - 03.19.2018.pdf

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