First and foremost, I would like to dedicate this to all my AMAZING customers, friends and family members. I would especially like to honor my DAD and hero Ken Kidd (R.I.P. 1939-2006) who taught me I could achieve anything in life as long as I put my whole heart into it. I would also like to thank my daughter Korynn, son Emeri and my wife Melinda who make it all possible.

I’ve spent my life running wild along the beaches of the West Coast and in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Living in places like Montana, Colorado, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Portland, Yreka, Ashland and Medford have all afforded me the opportunity to experience a world rich in diversity.

As a child I was raised on sun, sand, and rock n’ roll. I surfed a little, played guitar in garage bands and partied a lot.  I’m still having a wild childhood however, I’m doing it clean and sober and with much more respect and reverence for life. I still love to ride my Harley Davidson and play guitar. I like hot rods, choppers, custom rides and just about anything that goes fast and that’s pinstriped and painted flat black (thanks DAD!).

Tattooing is my biggest passion in life after friends and family. I live it, love it and breathe it. I can’t imagine life without it. My mother thinks it all started when I was seven and my family moved to Steamboat Springs Colorado. I had long hair at the time and did not fit in well with the other kids. I was teased as a girl. Outcast, I finally made friends by drawing tattoos on some of the kids in school. They loved my art and continually lined up to get more. In high school, I had offers from other kids to buy my art and I even had a teacher ask for a few of my pieces for his example drawer! College art classes gave me an academic appreciation for the arts and pushed my artistic skills to new heights. Around 1999 my little brother Kory scored a tattoo machine and asked if I could help him make it work. I figured if I got it running I could get free tattoos from him. So, off I went never expecting to do it myself. As I went in and out of shops I got repeatedly shunned by other tattoo artists. I did not know there was a “code of conduct” or a “secret society” in the tattoo world. Information was not shared freely back then and kept a mystery to the outside world (no hashtags here just old mean MF’n bikers). I don’t know about you but, I love mysteries and couldn’t settle with “F-off and get lost” for an answer. So, deeper I delved into the mysterious world of tattoos. This ultimately led to a deeper respect for the art, artists and into two formal tattoo apprenticeships. I was first trained by artist Rolland Eddie (R.I.P) who had over 30 years of experience and then by Dave Gaggaro who owned an old biker shop in Portland, Oregon (Thank you both, I respect you both more than you know!).

In closure, I’d say I’ve been blessed to see so many places and to meet so many great people in my life through tattooing. I feel very fortunate to be living here in one of the most beautiful places in the world with so many great people. I hope I can continue to sling ink and party like a rock star with all of you my friends. And DAD, I’m doing it with all of my heart.

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