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We're all FAMILY here and so are YOU!  

17 years of keeping Oregon beautiful!  EPIC INK offers you the highest quality tattoos and body piercings by EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS! Our Artists specialize in different styles and sizes of tattooing with extensive portfolios exemplifying Custom, Traditional, Color, Black & Grey, reworks and various cultural styles of tattooing. Have us design a personalized tattoo just for you, bring your own or choose from thousands of designs in our bright, clean, state of the art studio. We ALWAYS use new sterile needles, inks and Hospital grade equipment and supplies for every procedure. All of our artists and staff have extensive training in First-Aid, disease prevention and blood-borne pathogens ensuring your health & safety! We look forward to serving YOU!

TATTOO CAncellation & "No-Show" Policy

Tattoo appointment deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and a FULL 72 Hour Notice is required to reschedule (regardless of emergencies, illness or weather conditions).

You can reschedule by email with a FULL 72 hour notice: 


Piercing Appointments

Piercings are done by appointment only and can be booked from our "APPOINTMENTS" link.  Pick a day and time from our calendar and you have an appointment.  The average piercing takes about 10-20 minutes.

Do You Sell Jewelry?

Yes!!!  We have many fully stocked display cases filled with titanium, bone, horn, stone and other types of beautiful jewelry.  We are currently only able to sell jewelry by appointment (please use "APPOINTMENT" link to schedule)

Piercing Prices

We proudly offer the highest grade Titanium (TI 6AL 4V ELI) ASTM F-136 internally threaded jewelry.

Prices are PER each piercing (one) and include jewelry.

Upgrades available at additional cost (i.e. Gems, opals, etc.)


Ear Lobe

Lobe Stretch

Forward Helix












Side Lip








Do Piercings Hurt?



1. With clean hands remove bandage in 4–6 hours (If bandage sticks loosen with water).  Gently wash tattoo    

    2-3 times a day with Dial Antibacterial Soap.  Blot dry with a clean towel.  Do not re-bandage.


2. After washing, apply H-2-Ocean Skin Moisturizer 3-5 times daily (or more) to minimize scabbing.   

   H-2-Ocean Skin Moisturizer is available for $10 dollars at the studio & is HIGHLY SUGGESTED.


3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for 3-4 weeks or until tattoo is completely healed.


DO NOT USE Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, Bag Balm, Neosporin, Aloe or other ointments, creams,     

      gels, etc. as these products may have an adverse effect on your tattoo.


- Scabbing may or may not occur & is a normal part of the healing process. Scabs may last 1-4 weeks.

- NEVER PICK or SCRATCH SCABS!!!  Damaging the light scab formation will result in    

  poor and/or loss of color.  

- As scabs fall off your tattoo will look “waxy” and “dull” in color. This is normal! DO NOT WORRY! Give    

  new skin cells about 1-3 weeks to regenerate and your tattoo will look as good as new.

- Itching can be relieved by slapping or using H-2-Ocean – DON’T SCRATCH or PICK!




- Do not soak your tattoo in bath, shower, lakes, rivers, streams, pools, hot tubs, etc. until fully healed.

- It is O.K. to shower as normal, just keep tattoo out of water as much as possible. Never soak!

- Body fluids, blood and ink may seep from tattoo – use old clothes, sheets, etc. to avoid staining.

- Avoid direct sun while healing. The sun can fade colors over time, use sunscreen for best longevity of color.

 Chap-stick with sunscreen can be used easily for smaller tattoos.

- Wear loose clothing to relive discomfort.  Avoid rubbing from bra straps, belts, waist bands, socks, etc.

Most people experience some level of heightened sensation or discomfort during the piercing procedure. The amount of discomfort you may feel is influenced not only by the location of the piercing but by your state of mind. When performed by an experienced piercer, most piercings require only a second to be performed. Many people find breathing exercises helpful towards relaxation, concentrating on breathing slowly and deeply during the entire procedure, even while the piercer is preparing for the piercing. Many piercers will work with your breathing pattern. Holding your breath will cause you to tense.

Upgrading / Removing Jewelry

We carry a wide selection on jewelry.  We can also help you "guage" your piercings to accomodate for larger sizes of jewelry.

We will remove your Jewelry for you for a small fee (usually ~ $5).

We suggest that if you like your piercings you leave something in them at all times. Ears tend to stay open well without jewelry on most folks, but the same is not true of most body piercings. Removing your jewelry, even if you have had a piercing for years, is a trial and error process.

If you need an X-Ray, MRI, CAT Scan, Mammogram or other medical procedure, you can use Tygon or PTFE. These are retainer options the same thickness as your jewelry that can be inserted in the piercing to keep the hole open in situations where metal jewelry is not acceptable. We keep retainers in stock and can assist in putting them in.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Many women leave their body jewelry in place. Some women leave jewelry in during their entire pregnancy and delivery. If, during your pregnancy your piercing(s) becomes uncomfortable, you can replace the jewelry with Tygon or PTFE. These will bend with your changing body and be more comfortable. Once your pregnancy is over, you can return to the original jewelry. If there is no discomfort, you can leave the jewelry as it is. The feedback I’ve gotten from women who are breast feeding is either that it doesn’t change anything at all, or that milk comes from the piercing sites, as well as the milk ducts. Most women do remove their jewelry to breast feed because of the potential choking hazard if jewelry becomes loose.

Piercing Minors?

The minimum piercing age in our studio is 13 (Certain restrictions apply. If you are a minor, please call in advace). For any piercing of a minor, a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign a consent form. Proof of state issued photo identification is required from the legal guardian and a bona fide form of identification from the minor. Under no circumstances is it acceptable or appropriate for a piercer to perform piercing on the nipples (etc.) of an individual under 18 years of age.

18 and over for tongue & septum piercings. 

Still have more Questions?  Feel free to email us at:


How do Walk-Ins work?

Walk in tattoos are perfect for when you want something small or simple or you don’t have a specific artist you would like to work with. Stop by the studio anytime we're open & we will be happy to help you!

If we have availability for walk-in's, they are first come first serve - so you may get in right away, or possibly have to wait a little bit all depending on how busy we are. We recommend calling ahead on the day you would like to come in to check walk in status 541-944-5433

Although we would love to tattoo everyone, we may not be able to accommodate everyone's request and we may not be able to make that determination until we have a chance to talk with you about your idea.  We thank you for understanding.

Booking an Appointment

If you prefer to book a specific artist or date, we can schedule an appointment for you in the studio. Appointments require a deposit which is applied toward your final price. Sorry, we do not make appointments by phone.

If you live out of town, please email us for special accommodations:

If your tattoo is more complex we may send you a link to schedule a "Consultation Appointment".  At the consultation you can meet with an artist in person to discuss the many variables that ultimately determine price, time, availability, etc. (please see "Consultations" below for more info).  

For walk-ins please see the "Do you accept walk-ins" in this FAQ section below.

Although we would love to tattoo everyone, we may not be able to accommodate everyone's request and we may not be able to make that determination until it is your turn for review.  We thank you for understanding.

"What's your soonest opening?  How long is the wait?  When will you call me?" etc.

We are asked these questions daily and the short answer is, it changes daily.  

We have multiple artists with completely independent schedules that are constantly changing as clients book.   Actual tattoo dates & times can vary from "today" to months depending on the scope of your request and your artist's availability.

Although we would love to tattoo everyone, we may not be able to accommodate everyone's request and we may not be able to make that determination until it is your turn for review.  Thank you for understanding.

Tattoo Prices

The best way to get a price quote is come into the studio while we're open. You can also email us, but these replies may be delayed & the quotes may be a large range until we get a chance to finalize details in person.

Our shop has a $100 minimum and our Hourly Rate is $180-200 (depending on artist & complexity of your tattoo).

We price in TWO ways, Flat Rate or “Hourly Rate (your artist will let you know which category your specific tattoo will fall in).

Flat Rate = A set price is agreed upon in advance by you and your artist, regardless of time.

“Hourly Rate” = Prorated hourly at $180-$200 (usually with a 2hr minimum per session).

Prices are determined by time, size & level of complexity. We can work with you to help determine the price as designs can be made larger, smaller and/or modified to fit your budget. Let us know how much you feel comfortable spending and we will work closely with you to design a custom tattoo that fits your price range.

Groups & Friends for Tattoos

Groups are welcome to book separate appointments with separate artists at the same time.  You are also welcome to schedule "back to back" appointments. with the same artist.

Tattoo Consultations (meet with the artist first)

Consultations are FREE and provide an excellent opportunity for you to meet with an artist to discuss your tattoo ideas BEFORE you get a tattoo. The consultation will also help us determine the time, price & date for your tattoo once we have all the info needed.  

The wait time for your actual tattoo date after a consultation varies and can be "then & there" to months depending on your artists workload.

Please note: Consultations are FREE and without obligation to get a tattoo, however to book an artist a $25 deposit is required. This is refunded to you immediately when you arrive to your consultation - however, the despoit is forfeited if you "no-show" without notice. Sorry, we DO NOT schedule consultations without a deposit.

Tattoo Minors?

We won’t turn you away based on age.  You are welcome at Epic Ink and we are happy to help you and to discuss any questions you may have about tattoos. We believe it’s never too early to plan ahead and to do research regarding your health & safety as well as explore your design with your future artist. We’ll even give you FREE aftercare on your 18th birthday (just mention it at your appointment).

With that said, in Oregon you must be 18yrs old with a valid Government issued photo I.D to get tattooed (regardless of parental consent). See you soon!

Choosing An Artist - Who Should I Have Do My Tattoo?

Next to safe tattoo procedures, the artist’s portfolio is crucial. Our portfolios are proudly displayed in our studio and online to show our diversity, originality, experience and quality of tattoos. Find an artist whose style and technical aspects appeal to you. Look closely for crisp application of the tattoo. Always ask to see the artist’s work, they should be proud to show you. There is no better way to see their artwork than to see their tattoos. Look closely at the line and color quality of the tattoos. Ask people where they got tattooed, especially if you really like the work you see. We are proud of our reputation. You can find out more about our "Tattoo Artists" here.

Still have more Questions?  Feel free to contact us! Phone: 541-944-5433 or Email:


T A T T O O   A F T E R C A R E

We recommend Aquaphor Ointment (included free) & Dial Antibacterial Soap (for sale at Epic).

DO NOT USE ANY OTHER PRODUCTS! If you have sensitivities to Aquaphor, please consult your artist.

1. With clean hands remove bandage in 2-4 hours. Do not re-bandage.

2. Gently wash tattoo with Dial Soap removing any blood or plasma from the surface.

3. Blot dry and apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor.

4. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day as needed until tattoo is fully healed ~1-4 weeks. 


• Ice packs can help reduce swelling & speed heal time. Make sure the pack is dry, not wet.

• No picking or scratching, which can result in ink loss.

• While healing, your tattoo may look “dull & waxy”, this is normal. New skin cells will regenerate after 1-4 weeks      

  and your tattoo will look like new. Some ink may flake off during healing, don’t worry this is normal. 


• Do not soak your tattoo in bath, shower, lakes, rivers, pools/hot tubs, etc. until fully healed.

• It is O.K. to shower as normal, just keep tattoo out of water as much as possible.

• Body fluids, blood and ink may seep from tattoo – use old clothes, sheets, etc. to avoid staining.

• Avoid sun while healing. The sun can fade colors over time, use sunblock for best longevity of color.

• Wear loose clothing to relieve discomfort.  Avoid rubbing from bra straps, belts, waist bands, socks, etc.




Gift Certificates

We do sell piercing gift certificates!  They are good for one year after purchase.   Sorry, we are not providing tattoo gift cards at this time.

To purchase a piercing gift card please go here... GIFT CARDS!

Gift certificates are non-refundable

Facility & Artist Licensing

Our facility is fully licensed and inspected by Oregon Health Authority and the City of Medford. All tattoo & piercing licenses are clearly on display in our studio.

Artists & Piercers have full licensing and extensive training as required by Oregon state law. We also have extensive training in First Aid, CPR, OSHA, blood-borne pathogens, universal precautions & sterilization ensuring your health & safety.

In addition to schooling as required by state law, the owner has completed two “formal tattoo apprenticeships with old timers as required the OLD SCHOOL way” (before State licensed Tattoo Schools existed). 

How Do You Sterilize Your Equipment? Do You Use New Needles & Inks?

We use single-use products and NEVER reuse inks, needles, or supplies… EVER!!!

We comply with all Federal, State & local laws regarding disinfection and sterilization. Where applicable, we sterilize our equipment with an autoclave killing all pathogenic microorganisms. Our autoclave is spore tested monthly by an independent third party laboratory as required by Oregon law. Test results are clearly posted in our studio and kept on file at all times. All single use supplies are pre-sterilized. You are always welcome to see these records and ask any questions you may have regarding your health & safety. 

Should I Shop Around For Best Price?

Price shopping is encouraged! The best thing we can tell you is it is a “buyer beware” market. Sterilization and protecting your health is extremely important and one of the primary things you should look for. The artist’s portfolio is also very important. We strongly encourage you to examine your prospective tattooist’s portfolio VERY closely before getting a tattoo. You will want to find an artist you feel comfortable with and that you can trust. We are very confident that you will find the quality of our work and prices extremely affordable. Getting a tattoo by an amateur in their home or elsewhere can be very dangerous, especially if they have no knowledge of sterilization or safe operating procedures. Many communicable diseases can be present in a non-sterile environment. The money spent on a professional tattoo studio is well worth the assurance that the only thing you will get is an awesome tattoo!

Payments & ATM

Any outstanding balance above and beyond your deposit amount will be due at time of service.  

We accept CASH ONLY!!!

We DO have an ATM in the facility for your convenience

Still have more Questions?  Feel free to email us at: