November 2022

Hazmat and Hazard Recognition and Management for Marine Oil Spill Kuala Lumpur

Dr Jimmy Seow conducted a one-day training for senior managers and supervisors from PIMMAG (Petroleum Industry of Malaysia Mutual Aid Group)/Petronas, oil and gas companies, MISC and government agencies on Hazmat and Hazard Recognition and Management for Marine Oil Spill which was repeated for a second day due to demand.

Day 2 of Training

Jimmy with Zalina Sungib, General Manager PIMMAG

Jimmy with Lt Cdr Muhamad Rahashafizi bin Sahir RMN (Royal Malaysian Navy)

August 2022

Management, Treatment and Disposal of Waste with PFAS at Mine Sites,


May 2022


Hazard and Safety, Water Quality and Health Network Oil Spill Conference, Fremantle

September 2021

The Invisible Enemy, Australian Mining Review

An article about the hidden impact of PFAS in the Australian Mining Review.

January 2021

PFAS Removal Services Australia & New Zealand | Oleology

Interview on Oleology PFAS removal technology by Dr Jimmy SEOW

October 2020

Dr Jimmy Seow was invited by US Green Science Policy Institute to be part of a submission from 42 PFAS scientists from the US, Canada, UK and the EU to the US House and Senate Armed Services committees calling upon them to stop using PFAS in all their operation and products.

The press release is shown below:

June 2020

11 June 2020 - HELP UNIVERSITY - Dr Jimmy Seow presented a talk via Zoom to HELP University corporate clients on Crisis and Emergency Response – In Line of Fire

March 2020

Part 2 of article in International Filtration News, a broad overview article on regulatory trends world wide. Part 3 will be on PFAS removal and remediation technology. Part 1 PFAS - Forever Chemical was published on January 2020.

Link to full Part 2 here.

February 2020

27 February 2020 - PFAS - Forever Chemical Global Risk and Response WA ChemCentre Curtin University.

7 February 2020 - Yale - NUS, Singapore

Giving a seminar on PFAS to Yale - NUS environment graduate students in Singapore.

November 2019

26 November 2019 Melbourne – MarcusEvans Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre

21 November 2019 Perth – IDC 2nd HAZCHEM Conference Mercure Hotel Perth

September 2019

9 September 2019 Adelaide – CRC Care International Clean Up Conference, Adelaide Convention Centre

June 2019

25 June 2019 - Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) Perth PFAS Seminar

21 June 2019 Adelaide – South Australia EPA PFAS Seminar

18 to 20 June 2019 Adelaide – 3 Day Hazmat Response and Management Course South Australia EPA

May 2019

29 May 2019 Perth – Dr Jimmy Seow Appointed Corporate Adviser for PFAS Technology and Business Vortex Group

March 2019

13 to 15 March 2019 Perth – Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference

Feburary 2019

Kuala Lumpur – PFAS presentation Indah Waters

February 2019

Dr Jimmy Seow delivered a presentation on oil in water and PFAS removal and treatment to Shell Malaysia and Petronas Malaysia on 28th February in Kuala Lumpur.

February 2019

On 9 February, Jimmy Seow was invited to give a talk on PFAS removal and treatment technology and methodology in Williamtown Melbourne VIC

February 2019

Great new business partnership between ENVIRON PTY LTD and Becloudsmart. Looking forward to expanding the business relationship in delivering digital transformation to small and medium organisations. With David Maher & team from Becloudsmart, and Mona Gabriel-Seow from ENVIRON.

February 2019

Mona Gabriel-Seow was awarded a Doctor of Information Technology from Murdoch University at the graduation ceremony held on 7th February 2019.

The Doctoral Thesis investigated alignment between business and IT strategies, through 6 case studies across 4 large Australian organisations along 4 key alignment criteria: governance; communications; Information Systems support for business direction; and competencies and skills. Dr Gabriel-Seow brings this expertise for Business Transformation and Strategic Alignment to ENVIRON service offerings.

Participating in the graduation processional were Thesis Supervisor Dr Jocelyn Armarego and ENVIRON Director Dr Jimmy Seow as Adjunct Professor of Murdoch University.

Dr Mona Gabriel-Seow with Adjunct Professor Jimmy Seow

With Dr Jocelyn Armarego

Dr Mona Gabriel-Seow with Supervisor, Dr Jocelyn Armarego

December 2018

IMO Marine Oil Spill Training, 18-20 December 2018 Perth

Changi Airport Emergency Services and Singapore Aviation Academy emergency management discussion 6 December 2018 Singapore

Singapore Civil Defence Force emergency management discussion 5 December 2018 Singapore

September 2018

ENVIRON is pleased to work with REM Associates in bringing business transformation to Oil & Gas organisations in WA.

Charles D'Castro and Mona Gabriel-Seow from ENVIRON (first and third left) working with client, REM Associates to deliver business transformation to REM's oil and gas clients.

August 2018

31 August 2018 - Adjunct Professor, Jimmy Seow gave a lecture at Reid Library, UWA hosted by Professor Anas Ghadouani, Program Chair of Environmental Engineering and attended by over 150 UWA engineering post graduate students.

Adjunct Professor Jimmy Seow (Murdoch University, Environ) and Professor Anas Ghadouani (UWA)

The Circle, Reid Library, UWA

August 2018

30 August 2018 - Dr Jimmy Seow presented a lecture followed at Curtin University on PFAS. The talk was hosted by the School of Engineering and chaired by Dr Anna Heitz attended by over 50 Curtin University academic staff, post-graduate students, CSIRO scientists ad representatives from industry.

L to R – Dr Anna Heitz (Curtin), Dr Jimmy Seow (Environ), Dr Mona Gabriel-Seow (Environ), Charles D'Castro (Environ) and Dr Ranjan Sarukkalige (Curtin)

L to R – Dr Anna Kaksonen (CSIRO), Dr Jimmy Seow (Environ), Dr Mona Gabriel-Seow (Environ), Charles DCasto (Environ)

August 2018

8 August 2018 - Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association meeting Perth 8 August 2018. Guest speaker on PFAS Precursors and Short Carbon Chain PFAA.

August 2018

7 August 2018 - Presentation at Fire Protection Association Australia Seminar Perth on Fluorinated Fire Fighting Foams Water Management and Treatment.

May 2018

Adjunct Professor Dr Jimmy Seow delivered a lecture on PFAS at Murdoch University on 23 May 2018, to Murdoch staff and postgraduates students creating interest in PFAS research work.

May 2018

Dr Jimmy Seow gave a presentation and was a member on the Panel of Experts on PFAS and Firefighting Foams a tthe 18th IAFPA Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting International Conference 9 - 11 May 2018 in Singapore. Attendees came from many countries around the world including: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, US and Hawaii, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Nepal, Nigeria, Sudan, Bahrain and India.

Stephen Larkin, Head of Fire Safety Heathrow Airport

May 2018

Dr Jimmy Seow gave a presentation on PFAS and Firefighting Foams to PETRONAS HSE and Crisis Management Groups at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ms Syrarifa Noorlia, Group HSE Manager from PETRONAS, Malaysia's Oil and Gas Multinational, organised the presentation and said it was very informative as PETRONAS was currently drafting a policy for regulation of Firefighting Foams containing PFAS.

April 2018

Mona Gabriel-Seow was an invited Presenter and Panel Member at the Annual Convocation 21st Strategy Seminar for HELP UNIVERSITY on 28th April 2018 presenting "Alignment of IT and Business Strategy: Experiences of Multinationals.

The Strategy Seminar, themed "The Analytics Organisation: Challenges & Directions", invited 17 thought leaders in industry and strategic positioning and over 500 industry and University representatives to the one day seminar covering: The Digital Economy, Building the Capabilities Map, The Future Business Analytics Landscape and Insights from Analytics Driven Organisations.

Presenting Alignment of IT and Business Strategy: Experiences of Multinationals in Session 2: Building the Capability Map - Cases

Dr Paul Chan, President of HELP University and Ms Kam Yoke Low, CEO (left).

April 2018


ENVIRON PTY LTD, has been launched to provide PFAS, Firefighting Foam, HAZMAT and Environmental Emergency Management, Training and Consulting. As an internationally acknowledged subject matter expert in PFAS, Firefighting Foam and HAZMAT, Dr Jimmy SEOW provides these services exclusively through ENVIRON PTY LTD.

March 2018

Hazmat Response and Management Course - Doing it Safe and Smart

27-29 March 2018 Adelaide South Australia

Dr Jimmy Seow running a Hazmat Response and Management Course - Doing it Safe and Smart training 28 officers of the South Australian EPA. Subject matter included Hazmat response process, safety, risk, incident command system, technical decision making, use of chemical detection instruments, evidence collection and clean up and waste disposal. Participants were awarded Successful Completion Certificates.

March 2018

Emergency Management for Maritime Summit 2018

28 February - 2 March 2018, Singapore

Dr Jimmy Seow was invited to speak on Marine Oil Spill Response - Hazard and Safety and to participate on the Panel of Experts at the Emergency Management for Maritime Summit 2018 held 28 February to 2 March 2018 and attended by Managers and responders from Singapore Ministry for Transport, Civil Defence and Changi Airport, UAE, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.

February 2018

Perflouroalkyl substances (PFAS) and Firefighting Foam Presentation to Herbert Smith Freehills LLP (HSF)

Perth, Western Australia

On 15 February 2018, Dr Jimmy Seow gave a presentation on PFAS and Fire Fighting Foam to HSF lawyers dealing with PFAS and corporate risk and safety in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne via video conferencing from HSF Perth office. The presentation was well received and provided HSF lawyers specialist information on PFAS and Fire Fighting Foams and the environment.

January 2018

Special Training Workshop for Hazmat Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department

30 January 2018, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Dr Jimmy Seow was invited by the Director for Hazmat Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) and the Managing Director for Smart College to run a special training workshop. The workshop "Technical and Scientific Decision Making for Hazmat Emergency" was attended by over 30 Bomba Kuala Lumpur Hazmat firefighters on 30 January 2018. Dr Seow was also asked to review Bomba Hazmat instruments, gear and PPE. Bomba is in now discussion with Smart College and Dr Seow to implement a Hazmat Training Program to train the Malaysia Bomba Hazmat Team in all 9 states to upgrade Bomba Hazmat response and technical skills and knowledge.

December 2018

IMO Marine Oil Spill Training Perth 18 to 20 December 2018