Guild rules:

This is a casual guild so our main aim is to have fun, however, some rules will be enforced so that everyone has fun – This will be inside and outside of raid times.

1. Please no game spoilers, some of us like to watch the cinematics and find out the surprise ourselves.

2. Adult language is permitted, however, please don’t make every other word a swear. If you are offended by a word, please say so and move on.

3. Respect people’s opinions, religion, race and sexuality - we are mature after all.

4. Following on from this be open and honest with each other so that we can resolve issues straight away (Officers will help with this).

5. Help out low level/ilvl players if possible, however, low levels please don’t take the piss.

6. Guild bank repair to only be used in raid.

Raid specific:

1. Raid leaders’ decision is final.

2. Be online for 20:45 realm time so that raid can start at 21:00 – If you are late we will start the first pull without you and you will be invited when we have cleared or wiped on said boss.

3. For each new raid an entry minimum item level will be set - this can be found on the raid info page for each raid.

4. At least one small stack (10 – 20) farmed material (meat/fish/herbs) must be put into the bank each week by everyone to keep the raid happening – The well will run dry! What is needed will be communicated in motd.

5. Be prepared to come on chat which should be on push to talk except raid leader, even if you only listen – This will help the raid run smoothly.

6. Keep drama out of raid time – if you are offended by something, say so and move on it can be solved after raid.

Most importantly have fun.