Conclave of the chosen

Conclave of the chosen

Hero on pull


  1. each take a boss and keep at least 7 yards apart.
  2. Don’t face the raid due to frontal attacks.
  3. Cool downs for wild maul.
  4. Tank swap at 4 stacks of lacerating claws.


  1. Start on paku first when he is dead move to gonk.
  2. Crawling hex get out to sides.
  3. Stun/slow/kill adds ASAP.
  4. Move out with kimbuls wrath.
  5. Sprint out of the lightening circles.
  6. Go towards edges for akundas wrath & stay away from orbs


  1. Dispell gift of wind.
  2. Dispell mind wipe.


  1. Stay inside pakus wrath 10 yard circle

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