Laboratory for Computational Cellular Mechanobiology

Padmini Rangamani

University of California, San Diego

Mission Statement

We are broadly interested in the interplay of cell shape, signaling, and mechanics. We use principles of mechanics coupled with signal transduction to model and identify principles underlying biological phenomena. 

Our goal is to provide insight into complex biological systems with rigorous application of engineering and physical sciences.

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Featured Publications

1. L. Qiao, P. Ghosh$ and P. Rangamani$: Design principles of dose-response alignment in coupled GTPase switches (bioRxiv link). Accept in principle, NPJ Systems Biology and Applications

2. M. K. Bell and P. Rangamani$: Crosstalk between biochemical signaling network architecture & trafficking governs AMPAR dynamics in synaptic plasticity (bioRxiv link). Accepted. J. Physiol

3.  E.P. Campbell, A. A. Abushawish, L. A. Valdez, M.K. Bell, M. Haryono, P. Rangamani, and B.L. Bloodgood$: Electrical signals in the ER are cell type and stimulus specific with extreme spatial compartmentalization in neurons. Cell Reports. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2022.111943

Resources & Supplementary Material