Laboratory for Computational Cellular Mechanobiology

Padmini Rangamani

University of California, San Diego

Mission Statement

We are broadly interested in the interplay of cell shape, signaling, and mechanics. We use principles of mechanics coupled with signal transduction to model and identify principles underlying biological phenomena. Our interests are rather broad. Current topics of research in my lab include the biophysics of membrane curvature generation, membrane-cytoskeleton interactions, systems modeling of exercise physiology, and biophysics of neurons. Our goal is to develop a fundamental understanding of how morphology and topology regulate cellular phenomena using theoretical foundations in mechanics, mathematical representations, and coupling them to biochemical processes. 

Our goal is to provide insight into complex biological systems with rigorous application of engineering and physical sciences.

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Featured Publications

1.  K. Graham, A. Chandrasekaran, Liping Wang3, Noel Yang1, Eileen M. Lafer3, P. Rangamani$, and J.C. Stachowiak$: Liquid-like condensates mediate competition between actin branching and bundling (bioRxiv link) Accepted PNAS

2. Y. Chen, D. Saintillan$, and P. Rangamani$: Cell motility modes are selected by the interplay of mechanosensitive adhesion and membrane tension (bioRxiv link) Accepted PRX Life

3. H. Alimohamadi and P. Rangamani$: Effective cell membrane tension protects red blood cells against malaria invasion (bioRxiv link) Accepted PLoS Comp Biol.

Resources & Supplementary Material