Laboratory for Computational Cellular Mechanobiology

Finite Element Simulation of Calcium Response in a dendritic spine

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Mission Statement

We are broadly interested in the interplay of cell shape, signaling, and mechanics. We use principles of mechanics coupled with signal transduction to model and identify principles underlying biological phenomena.

Our goal is to provide insight into complex biological systems with rigorous application of engineering and physical sciences.


Visiting Professor Andreas Carlson

We are delighted to host Prof. Andreas Carlson as a visiting faculty in our group. Prof. Carlson comes to us from the University of Oslo, Norway. Please visit his website to learn more about his research.

Welcome to the group, Kiersten Haffey and Andrew Nguyen

We are excited to announce that we have two new members in the Rangamani Lab.

Kiersten Haffey is a graduate student in bioengineering and is co-advised by Professor Stephanie Fraley. Kiersten will be doing research in cell signaling and shape.

Andrew Nguyen is an undergraduate in bioengineering who will be joining our realistic nerve geometry research.

Ritvik Vasan passes his Senate Exam!

On Tuesday December 18th, Ritvik gave his senate exam on his recent and future publications leading to his thesis. Ritvik is now a doctoral candidate, congratulations! Many thanks to the members of his thesis committee.

Arijit Mahaptra has passed his Qualifying Exam

Congratulations to Arijit for passing his qualifying exam in Mechanical Engineering!

Haleh Alimohamadi passes her Senate Exam!

On Friday November 9th, Haleh gave her senate exam on her recent and future publications leading to her thesis. Haleh is now a doctoral candidate, congratulations! Many thanks to the member of her thesis committee.