Laboratory for Computational Cellular Mechanobiology

Padmini Rangamani

University of California, San Diego

Mission Statement

We are broadly interested in the interplay of cell shape, signaling, and mechanics. We use principles of mechanics coupled with signal transduction to model and identify principles underlying biological phenomena.

Our goal is to provide insight into complex biological systems with rigorous application of engineering and physical sciences.

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Featured Publications

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1. H. Alimohamadi, M. Bell, S. Halpain, and P. Rangamani$: Mechanical principles governing the shapes of dendritic spines. (bioRxiv version) Accepted. Frontiers

2. A. Leung, D. Ohadi, G. Pekkurnaz, and P. Rangamani$: Deciphering the postsynaptic calcium-mediated energy homeostasis through mitochondria- endoplasmic reticulum contact sites using systems modeling (bioRxiv link). 2021. Accepted, NPJ Syst. Biol. Appl.

3. K.E. Scott, S.I. Fraley$, and P. Rangamani$: A spatial model of YAP/TAZ signaling reveals how stiffness, dimensionality, and shape contribute to emergent outcomes (bioRxiv link). 2021. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. May 18, 2021 118 (20) e2021571118;

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Padmini inducted into American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

Prof Rangamani was recognized for outstanding contributions to multiscale computational modeling of cellular mechanobiology including spatial signal transduction and trafficking processes.

Press Release

Congratulations to Haleh Alimohamadi for being selected as a Siebel Scholar!

Haleh is one of 5 UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering graduate students to be selected as a 2021 Siebel Scholar.

Press Release

BusinessWire Press Release

Arijit's paper accepted to J. Fluid. Mech.

Arijit's paper entitled, 'Transport phenomena in fluid films with curvature elasticity' has been accepted to J. Fluid Mech. This work was in collaboration with Prof. David Saintillan. Congratulations, Arijit!

Miriam passes her senate exam!

Miriam Bell wowed her senate exam (thesis proposal) committee with her proposed thesis today! Congratulations.

Ritvik successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis!

Our newest graduate, Ritvik Vasan, who defended his thesis over Zoom to ensure social distancing. Ritvik did a fantastic job. Congratulations, Dr. Vasan!

Haleh's RBC modeling paper accepted to PLoS Comp Biol!

Haleh's paper on RBC mechanics, in collaboration with Velia Fowler (U Delaware) will appear in PLoS Comp Biol! Congratulations!