Laboratory for Computational Cellular Mechanobiology

Selected Publications

Mission Statement

We are broadly interested in the interplay of cell shape, signaling, and mechanics. We use principles of mechanics coupled with signal transduction to model and identify principles underlying biological phenomena. Our goal is to provide insight into complex biological systems with rigorous application of engineering and physical sciences.


Justin Laughlin awarded a CTSBB/VMCC fellowship!

Justin recently received a fellowship from the Center for Trans-scale Structural Biology and Biophysics and the Visible Molecular Cell Consortium for the year of 2018-2019. Congratulations!

Haleh and Ritvik's paper to appear in MBoC!

Haleh and Ritvik's work on 'The role of traction in membrane curvature generation' has been accepted to MBoC. Julian Hassinger and Jeanne Stachowiak are co-authors on this work. Congratulations to everyone!

Welcome Jennifer and Lucas!

This week, Jennifer Fromm and Lucas Stolerman have joined our group.

Jennifer is a 1st year graduate student from Union College, who will be studying interfacial fluid mechanics, co-advised by Stefan Llewellyn Smith.

Lucas is a new Post-Doctorate Researcher from IMPA in Brazil, and he will be studying network models of signal transduction.

In memory of George Oster

Memories of George Oster in the Biophysical Society newsletter and in the SMB newsletter.

Miriam selected to be a T32 fellow

Miriam was selected to be a T32 fellow through the Interfaces Training Grant (PI: Prof. Andrew McCulloch). Congratulations!

Allen selected to be a San Diego Fellow

Allen was selected to be a San Diego Fellow for 2018-2019. Congratulations!

Allen and Miriam pass their qualifying exams!

Allen and Miriam passed their respective department qualifying exams. Congratulations!

Endocytosis book chapter accepted!

A book chapter on endocytosis as local movements co-authored by Ritvik Vasan, Padmini, and our collaborators from the Drubin Lab, Matt and Joh is in press. Stay tuned for the details on ’Cell Movements: Modeling and Applications from Springer publications

Morgan Chabanon's paper has been accepted into BBA!

Morgan’s paper on the effect of surfactants on lipid vesicles has accepted for publication in BBA - Biomembranes for SI: Emergence of Complexity. See archive link here.

Haleh Alimohamadi successfully passes her Qualifying Exam

We are proud to announce that Haleh Alimohamadi has passed her Qualifying Exam today with flying colors. Congratulations!

Morgan Chabanon's paper on catenoid-shaped necks accepted in Soft Matter.

The accepted version of the manuscript can be found here. Congratulations!