Here are some resources to help you create your own 360 images from artwork, drawings, or other manipulated/edited images.

360 embed using https://kuula.co/

Here is the 2D version of the 2:1 drawing. I drew it in the awesome Procreate, one of the 2018 AASL Best Apps!

I used Exif Fixer to embed the 360 exif data into the 2D image. You can find directions for doing that here http://panoramaphotographer.com/software/exiffixer/. (Thanks for showing me this app Donnie Piercey)

After using Exif Fixer on your image, you can view it in 360 form by uploading it to Google Photos, Google Tour Creator, Facebook, or a tool like https://kuula.co/ or https://www.youvisit.com/builder/.

Here's an example of an embedded Google Tour Creator tour. On the last scene you will see an example of a 360 image from Google Drawings (low resolution).

This is a 360 photo that was taken using the Google Street View app, edited in the Prisma app, then embedded with exif data, and finally, uploaded to Tour Creator.