Our Story


David is the oldest, brightest, handsomest and most modest child of John & Olga Guttag. David grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts where he was often found competing with his two brothers, Michael and Mark, or teasing his sister Andrea. After graduating from MIT in 2005, David moved to New York where he would eventually meet Kristi.


Kristi is the first-born daughter of Mike and Patti Hemric. Kristi grew up in Colleyville, Texas. Kristi’s proudest moment growing up was convincing her younger sister Mandi to retire her Troy Aikman jersey just after her 10th birthday. After graduating from Elon, Kristi traveled the world and lived in Dubai for a time before moving to New York in 2012

David & Kristi

David and Kristi’s story begins in April 2015 with mini golf (both claim they won), cheeseburgers (both claim they ate only one) and a few drinks. David knew from the second that Kristi insisted she needed to leave their first date to get a burger (with extra mustard) and fries, that Kristi was the one. It took Kristi a bit longer to come around but finally in Ravello, Italy she succumbed to David’s charm. In under 3 years David and Kristi have visited 10 countries together, accumulated over 11,198 combined instagram followers, and adopted Winston A. Guttag, a loving, caring, adventurous and stubborn puppy.